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Humiliating a Cuckquean – Part 1

If I could choose one type of fetishist to hook up with for the rest of my life then it would a cuckquean. These are filthy little perverts that I love more than any others out there. I’m sure that not everyone knows what a cuckquean is, so I’ll explain. You probably already know what a cuckold is. It’s a man whose wife is having sex with other people. In fact, the actual definition is: a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful, often regarded as an object of derision. It’s that addition of derision to the wife’s unfaithfulness that turns the whole thing into a fetish for him. What’s derision? Well that’s simply contemptuous ridicule or mockery. That means that the man is being humiliated by his wife having sex with other people. He loves the feeling of being so pathetic that his wife has to go out and get laid by someone else and that brings us back to the original term. What is a cuckquean? It’s the female version of the cuckold. You’ll have to hit up the Urban Dictionary to get the definition, but it’s accurate. According to them, a cuckquean is a wife who is compliant in her fetish for her husband’s unfaithfulness or adultery or the female equivalent of the male cuckold. It comes from the Old English word cwene, meaning Queen. The true cuckquean will be a willing participant in the sex act between the husband and the third part female and may be subjected to humiliation and degrading sexual acts by both husband and partner.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise

So, realistically, what does all of this mean? It means that if I were to ever settle with a single person, she would have to be a cuckquean. It would have to be a woman who loves being humiliated by the fact that I’m fucking as many other women as I want behind her back. In fact, I’d like to take it even further. There’s a whole subset of cuckqueans that get off on never getting off. They want to be treated like they’re so undeserving of their husbands that they can’t even get laid by them. It doesn’t matter how desperate the guys get. They’re never going to lower themselves to having sex with their wives. It works for everyone involved. Not only would I get to fuck as many other women as I want but I’d also never have to put in the work of making my wife cum. That gets really boring really quickly. I need my sex to be interesting and you just can’t get that with a wife. The sex is the same thing over and over again and you just can’t stand having it anymore. That’s the kind of life I need.

I knew a guy

Just to really get my point across, I’ll tell you about a guy I know. He had a cuckquean for a wife. She was also that kind of cuckquean who wanted to be despised by her husband. He would never touch her, no matter how hard up he happened. Of course, no matter how much you want to avoid it, at some point, you’re going to give in. It’s like fucking the fat girl at the bar. You’re horny and desperate and you’re willing to close your eyes and cover your nose and give it to her. He found a way around all of that, though. When he was super desperate, he had a Fleshlight on standby. He wouldn’t use it on himself, though. He would humiliate his wife by making her use it on him. He was horny, but he would literally make her fuck him with a fake pussy before he ever shoved his dick inside hers. That’s some hardcore shit and I fucking love it.

He was a master at humiliation

I still have to talk about the things he did because they’re what I attain to. He took it to such a level that it would destroy any healthy person’s mental state. It all came down to one of his favorite things to do. He would go out and fuck his favorite mistress until he was exhausted and ready for bed. Then he would show up back at his house but he was would have something with him. He would head home on those nights with his mistress’s used bra and panties and tell his wife to put them on. That way, he’d be able to smell his mistress in bed next to him instead of his wife. We would humiliate her on a level that would be torture for anyone who wasn’t getting off on the whole thing. It was all consensual and it was all amazing. If I could make that my life then I’d be a very happy man.

I’ve gotten close

Although I’ve never been able to live it all out as a married man, I’ve been able to play around with the whole thing a few times. There’s one time that sticks out in my mind as one of the better ones. It’s probably because I was actually the other man. That makes it sound like I was fucking the wife of a cuckold, which I’ve done many, many time, but not this one. I was, in fact, able to fuck the wife of a cuckquean. That’s because the couple I’m talking about was a lesbian couple. The dominant lesbian was more than happy to give her submissive wife what she wanted. She humiliated her all of the time and fucked around as much as she wanted. Luckily for me, the dominant wife was bisexual. The cuckquean was a full on lesbian, but she knew well enough to do anything that her wife told her to do. If she didn’t then it never would have been as much fun as this whole thing ended up being. Believe me when I tell you that this was a fun time for everyone involved.

I was at a bar

Anyway, this whole thing started one night when I was at a bar. It was in the middle of the week, so there weren’t a ton of people in there. Actually, this is a good tip. If you ever want to get yourself into some trouble, or some fun, go to a bar in the middle of the week. That’s when adventurous souls are usually about. The normal people out there can’t drink in the middle of the week. When you’re a little off to the point of doing what these women did, then you’re more than okay with getting shitfaced on a Wednesday. So, there I was, just sitting at a table and minding my own business. I was a few beer in and just fucking around on my phone when I felt the table move. It shifted up and then back down again. I was a little shocked, to say the least, and looked up to see what the fuck was going on. It turned out that the table moved because a total stranger had decided to sit down at my table with me. I had no idea who she was, but that would change very soon.

I took her in

I took a minute to look at her and figure out what I was dealing with. It didn’t seem like she was drunk. That wouldn’t have surprised me in the least. She wasn’t though, but it was kind of difficult to tell. She kept her eyes down the entire time I was looking at her. It was like she had been trained to never make eye contact with anyone. I could still get a good look at her, though. She had shoulder length brown hair that was straight and in a ponytail. Her body was skinny but hot. She had a really nice set of tits on her. There’s really nothing better than a skinny body and big tits and I could already feel my cock start to pulse just looking at them. I could also tell that she had a longish skinny face with big glasses. In fact, if you’ve ever seen that Cock commercial about nerds and remember the girl with glasses who plugs something in, this was an exact copy of her. I have to say that I was intrigued right away and I was really hoping that she was in the market for some dick rather than just some drunk college whore who happened to sit down at the wrong table after puking her ass off in the restroom.

More next time

I’ll let you know what happened next time. This was just the start of it all and I had a really good time that night. I had to spend a lot of time explaining what the hell a cuckquean is, but it was worth it. In fact, if there’s anyone reading this that also happens to be a cuckquean, then send me a message! I think we can have a good time together!