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Humiliating a Cuckquean – Part 2

I told you what a cuckquean is last time. If you don’t remember, it’s the female version of a cuckold. Just so where’ all clear, a cuckold is a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful, often regarded as an object of derision. Like I said last time, it’s the derision that makes it a fetish for him. That means that he’s being humiliated by the whole thing. That’s what gets him off. He loves the fact that she’s fucking other men because it makes him feel like shit and that’s what he jerks it to. Just like a cuckold, a cuckquean is the female version of the cuckold. You’ll have to hit up the Urban Dictionary to get the definition, but it’s accurate. According to them, a cuckquean is a wife who is compliant in her fetish for her husband’s unfaithfulness or adultery or the female equivalent of the male cuckold. It comes from the Old English word cwene, meaning Queen. The true cuckquean will be a willing participant in the sex act between the husband and the third part female and may be subjected to humiliation and degrading sexual acts by both husband and partner. She’s the woman of my dreams and I’ve had the fortune of hooking up with a few of them over the years. One of the best times is what I started talking about last time.

I was alone at a bar

It was the middle of the week and I was alone at a bar. I was sitting at a table in the corner and just enjoying myself. I had my eyes on my phone when I felt the table move. I looked up and there was this strange woman sitting with me. I had never seen her before and I had no idea who she was. She had a skinny body and big tits and I was at half chub just looking at her. She also have a long face and wore big glasses. Anyone who’s into the whole nerd or librarian thing would have bust a nut right then and there. Anyway, I was ogling her for a few minutes and she never said a thing. In fact, she never even looked up at me. She just kept her eyes down at the floor the whole time. It wasn’t until I decided that I had to speak up that I got any reaction out of her at all.

I started off slow.

“Can I help you?”  I asked.

I really had no idea how else to open up a conversation. It’s not every day that someone just sits at your table and says nothing. I have to say that I was extremely relieved when she finally spoke and didn’t slur her words at all.

“Yes, sir. I’m very sorry to bother. I didn’t want to interrupt you, but I’ve been ordered to do it as my punishment.”  She said.

She was very formal in the way that she spoke. It was as if she had been trained to speak to other people in a certain way that showed respect and submission to them. I’m not sorry that I was able to pick up on this right away. I’ve been with more submissive women than I can possibly count and the trained ones always come off this way. I knew what kind of person she was right away and I knew exactly how to play into it. The first thing I’d have to do is give her permission to look up at me. She wasn’t going to do it on her on and I was going to have a hell of a time understanding her is she kept talking to the table.

I stepped into the role

“Look at me when you speak.” I said.

I made sure that it was causal and not from a place of a lot of authority. Dominants really hate it when you try to order their submissive around and I was well aware of that. Luckily, she just looked up at me and thanked me. It was that simple. She was clearly incredibly submissively in every single way. It wasn’t just to whomever owed her, either. She saw everyone as being above her. That meant that she was naturally going to submit to anyone she crossed paths with. That always puts you in a position of power with them, but you have to watch it. I’m sure that I could have just told her to get under the table and suck my dick right there. As long as she didn’t have any orders against it, she would have. The problem is that I’d be overstepping my bounds with her owner and that’s always a shit show just waiting to happen. It was in my best interests to simply use this time to figure out what was happening.

I pressed on

“That’s too bad.”  I said. “What did you do to get punished?”

A look of shame definitely crossed her face at this point. That gave me a whole lot of information to use in figuring out what was going on. It told me that she was extremely trained. It’s one thing for a submissive to apologize for doing something they were told not to do, but its’ absolutely another to actually be ashamed of it. Just think about when someone gets caught doing something. Most people are just sad that they got caught. It takes someone with actual self-awareness to know that what they did was wrong and to be ashamed of doing it. That’s why politicians and celebrities pretty much only apologize for getting caught. They lack even the most basic self-awareness of their misdeeds. I’m getting off track. Though. I just think that it’s important to really understand the mentalities at play here. It goes a lot deeper than most people believe and it takes a lot to understand that this woman actually liked what was happening to her. It’s more than a surface enjoyment, though. It’s a fulfilling of their souls that they just can’t do without.

She was bad for being good

It was only a matter of a second or two before she answered my question. It’s not like she was just staring at me. I just had to go on a tangent.

“I begged my mistress to allow me to pleasure her with my mouth.” She said.

That was about as telling as I needed it to be. It’s not uncommon in the slightest for a submissive to beg her dominant to let them pleasure them. It happens all of the time. It’s also not uncommon for the dominant to turn them down. What made this a little bit different was the way that it was all coming together. There was the way she refused to look up until I told her to. Then there was the way that she spoke. After that came the fact that she was being punished for just wanting to eat out whomever the hell her mistress was. All of this was telling me that this woman wasn’t a submissive. This woman was a slave, through and through and through. She was also very good at being one. I took a quick look at her throat to confirm it all and there it was. She was wearing a collar. Now I really knew who I was dealing with and I was starting to get pretty excited about the whole thing.

I brought it all home

Now it was time to unravel the rest of this mystery and figure out why I was being involved. I know it was going to be easy to figure it out now. I just had to ask the right questions.

“Why am I a part of your punishment?” I asked.

“My mistress has chosen you as a potential way to teach this slave her lesson.” She responded.

“How many other potential ways are there?”  I knew I wouldn’t get a straight answer here, but I figured I’d ask to see how high up on the list I feel.

“This slave is not allowed to pretend up understand the mind of her Mistress. This slave only does as this slave is told.” She said, giving me exactly the answer I figured I’d get.

“Okay,” I said, leaning in close to her. “How am I to help teach you a lesson, slave?”

“By fucking this slave’s Mistress with his thick, hairy man parts while this slave is forced to serve.”

More next time

That was obviously the big turning point of the night and I knew that I was up for some fun. There was just something about the way that she said “thick, hairy man parts” that explained a lot. Not only did she choose to use those words, but she said them with disdain. That let me know that she was a full on dyke and her mistress was really punishing her by making her help her fuck a guy. That just got me really into the idea and I’ll let you know what happened after that next time.