Hookup Tips

Keep your Hook up Coming Back for More

If you get a hook up that you really want to keep coming back to you for more, all you really have to do is impress her with your skills. You can have all of the fun in the world before you have sex, but neither one of you is in it for a friend. You’re just in it for the sex and you have to be good to get her to come back to you. That means you have to tend to her needs and make sure you can make her feel better than anyone else.

Get oral with it

Make sure you take the time to go down on her. It might not be your first choice if she’s a stranger, but it’s a necessity. You have to get down there and show her that you know how to use your mouth to get her off. Make sure you work her all of the way to an orgasm. There’s really nothing better than cumming in someone’s mouth and you want to make sure that she knows that she can cum in yours. Think of it like an audition and you’ll do alright.

Cum where she wants

When you finally get down to the sex, you’re going to want to cum where she wants you to cum. If you can do it inside her, then great. If she wants you to pull out, then make sure you do it. The last thing you want is to make her have to worry about getting pregnant when she doesn’t want to. She might even want you to pull out if you’re wearing a condom. Just give it to her the way that she wants it and you’ll have a girl who’s going to know that she can come back for a fun time later on.