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Married Women need to be Helped – Part 3

Okay, so like I said last time, I hate seeing married women who aren’t getting their sexual needs met by the husbands. There’s just something inside most men that turns off after they’re been married to the same woman for any given amount of time. They just start feeling like they don’t have to work at making them happy in bed anymore. It’s very unfair to them, especially given just how much sexual energy these women end up having to store within themselves. Nowhere was that more obvious than in my best friend’s mother, who I took it upon myself to satisfy back when I was 18. I had just eaten her out and given her what was probably her first orgasm by another person in months, or even years. She was lying on the sofa with her head on my lap when she decided to take everything to a whole new level. We were both pretty drunk and any thoughts I had of the night ending at that point were completely destroyed when she started rubbing my knee. I could feel her smile against my thigh when she started to sit up.

She was very relaxed

It took her a little while to really work up the energy to do anything. At first she was just stretching and making the most satisfied little moans that I had ever heard in my life. She was also smiling the entire time. See her smiling face behind her messy hair was enough to make me feel like I was about to explode right in my pants. Then she did something that I never would have expected. Her put her hand on the back of head and moved in close.

“Oh, honey, that was the most unexpected little surprise I’ve ever had.” She kept her smile and moved in to kiss me on my forehead. “Thank you.”

She had more in mind

Then I just sat there and watched as she kicked her silk pajama bottoms off of her ankles and stood up. This gorgeous mother of by best friend then walked around the sofa to the liquor cabinet behind it, completely naked from the waist down. Her ass was even better with nothing covering it up. It was firm, round, and her cheeks spread apart as she bent down, giving be a perfect view of her soaking wet pussy and tight little asshole.

I desperately wanted to fuck her

She came back with a giant bottle of vodka and two big glasses.

“I hope you didn’t drink too much of this upstairs.” She said with a smile as she put the glasses on the table.

I immediately started to stammer. The last thing I wanted to do was get my friend in trouble.

“Oh, it’s okay. I know what you boys get up to when you come over. I’m okay with it as long as you stay here and don’t go out.” She filled the glasses to the top and handed one to me before she sat back down.

She knew what she was doing

There was no way that she was doing any of this unintentionally. She sat next to me and against the arm of sofa with her legs crossed Indian style. It gave me a constant view of her perfect pussy while we sat there and talked. She was in complete control of her actions and I could tell that she was really enjoying herself. She likes having a much younger man in front of her and willing to do anything that she wanted of him.

“Oh, God, you just gave me such a needed release!” She said as she let her head fall back and ran her fingers through her long hair. “If I wasn’t so backed up, I’d be able to pass out right here.”

“Backed up?” I took a long sip of the vodka and let it burn its way down my throat.

“When you get to a certain age, you stop taking the time to take care of your needs. If you go for as long as I do, one orgasm is never enough, no matter how hard the other person makes you cum.”

She was getting extremely playful

She leaned back with a giggle and lifted her leg to run her naked toes over my mouth.

“Sorry, you still have some of me on you, honey.” She laughed and brought her leg back to her. “You really know what you’re doing down there, don’t you?”

“I guess I do.” The pride swelled up inside me and made my ego start to grow into the monstrosity that it is today.

“Still, I wish we could do more.” She let out a long sigh and finished half of her glass before reaching over to grab the bottle and fill it right back up. “It’s probably a little too dangerous, though.”

“No, no, it’s not dangerous at all!” I almost yelled. There was no way I was getting this close to more with her and letting it slip away. All she did was laugh.

She wanted it, too

“Oh, no, I think you’re still a little too young to give me what I mean.” She leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear. “I mean, do you really think you have what it takes to fuck my brains out?”

I nodded emphatically. She pulled back to look into my eyes and laughed again. Then she leaned right back in to whisper.

“I really want you to fuck my pussy until I cum all over your cock, baby.”

That was when I felt her warm tongue find my earlobe. She sucked it into her mouth and I couldn’t help but close my eyes when I felt her grab onto my dick. I was fucking throbbing and she squeezed my head in her palm. I felt like I was going to cum in my pants right then and there and tried to move back away from her. She put the glass down and put her other hand around me and onto my back to hold me into place. She kept sucking on my earlobe sending electric shocks and jolts down my spine. I felt her let go of my dick and look for my zipper. It wasn’t long until she found it and opened up my pants. My cock shot out and I felt nothing but relief from the pressure of it pushing against my pants. I could also feel how cold the air was when it hit all of the precum I’d been ejecting this entire time.

She had a plan

Her moth let go of my earlobe and I felt her soft lips brush against it. Her hand wrapped around my cock and she started stroking up and down, very gently.

“Here’s the thing, honey.” She whispered, sending those same shocks up and down my spine. “I want you to fuck me, but you can’t cum inside me. That would be a very bad thing for the both of us.”

She leaned back again and looked down at my penis as she stroked. She brought her hand up to her mouth and spit into it, only to bring it right back down to lube me up and continue stroking. I can’t explain how much pleasure this woman was giving me.

She knew how to work a whisper

She was back up against my ear with her breath playing across my neck. “You’re all sticky, honey. You’re too far gone for me. I need to know that you can last inside of me.” She started stroking me harder and faster. “You have that cum load on desk and ready to fill me from the inside, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“That’s the dangerous load.” She whispered as she nodded her head right next to mine. She leaned back again and let a giant wad of spit slowly fall from her mouth directly onto the head of my cock. It felt warm and amazing, especially since it came from inside her. She closed her fingers back around me and really started to jerk me off. She touched her forehead to mine and stared deep into my eyes while she worked me down below.

“Cum for me, baby. Shoot that dangerous load all over me and then we can have some real fun!”

That was all it took

I didn’t need another single thing. I can’t explain to you how hard I came for her. It felt like my entire body was exploding. I felt the cum shoot out so hard that it hit her silk pajama shirt. It flowed down my balls and absolutely covered them. She made me shake in ways that I’ve never been able to achieve since and she just kept on stroking. She wanted every last drop of me out so we I could really give her what she needed and I’ll tell you all about that next time.