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Married Women need to be Helped – Part 4

Okay, so I’m in the middle of telling you about the first time I hooked up with a married, and much older, woman. I was 18 and sleeping over my best friend’s house. His mother and father got into an argument and she ended up with her pants down around her ankles and masturbating in the living while I was stuck in the kitchen. I couldn’t help but take it upon myself to tend to her sexual needs and she was more than happy to let me. I went down on her and one thing led to another and I ended up sitting there and having her tell me how much she wanted me to actually fuck her. Of course, we had to be extremely discreet and there was no way that she was going to risk me ejaculating inside of her. I guess a married woman having to explain that she got pregnant by her son’s friend just doesn’t look good. She ended up jerking me off right on the sofa to make sure that I’d be able to actually last inside her. It was a very good idea since I blew in about 30 seconds. Anyway, here’s what happened next.

She was absolutely covered

Believe me when I tell you that this woman was absolutely covered in my cum. She has me turned on more than I had ever been in my entire life and she was right in the line of fire when she set me off. She leaned back and her silk pajama top had giant streaks of cum up and down it. Her thighs were covered in it and her hand was just dripping with my cum. Once again, she couldn’t stop smiling. I got the sense that she was incredibly proud of getting that much out of a younger man and that she hadn’t been treated to anything close to it by her husband in a very long time. Being able to turn me on and make me cum that much was clearly turning her on and she seemed to be loving it. She cupped her left hand under her right to catch it all and stop it from staining the sofa. There was nothing close by, so she simply grabbed her vodka glass and wiped her hand against the rim. I watched the cum flow down the inside of the rim and mix with the alcohol.

She just kept surprising me

“I just love that smell, honey. Did it feel good?” She asked as she slowly unbuttoned her top. She let it fall off of her shoulders and I got my first actual look at her tits. I was hypnotized by them and all I could manage was a nod. They were amazing in every way. They were perfectly shaped and just the right size. Her nipples were fully erect and I’ve never wanted to touch anything more in my life. I was able to tear my attention away just long enough to watch her ball up her shirt and give it a nice, long smell before she dropped it to the floor next to her pants. Then this amazing woman picked up her vodka glass and sat back against the arm of the sofa with her legs outstretched toward her. That smile was still on her lips as I watched her bring the glass to them for a very long sip. The vodka was cloudy with so much of my cum mixed into it and she just swallowed it down, never breaking eye contact with me for a single second.

She really wanted to keep going

She brought the glass down and ran her eyes all over my body while I reached for my own glass.

“Do me a favor, honey, take off your clothes. I don’t want to be the only naked one here.”

She spoke in a very matter of fact manner and I had no choice but to do what she said. Remember that I was only 18 here. This woman was in her late 30’s or early 40’s. It was obvious that she was in charge. I put the glass down again, stood up, and just took off all of my clothes. The crotch of my pants was gooey and sticky and I had to work to grab onto the zipper. I got it eventually and sat back down on the sofa with my bare ass against the fabric.  I tried to grab my glass again, but she pressed her naked foot against my hand to stop me. I looked up and saw her leaning in to grab the glass herself. She pushed me back and moved quickly to straddle my legs. Then she took a long, long sip from my glass and filled her mouth with my vodka. Once she had enough, she pushed my head back, pressed her lips against mine and slowly let the vodka pour out of her mouth and into mine. I closed my eyes and swallowed it all as quickly as I could to keep up with it all. Once again, I can’t relay just how much this turned me on. Having the liquid pour from her mouth into mine made my dick beg to cum again, but it was far too soon after getting off for it to get hard again. Once all of the vodka was gone, she replaced it with her tongue and kissed me deeper than I had ever been kissed in my life.

She was all over me

Her hands ran all over every single inch of my head and chest. She even grabbed onto my flaccid cock and pressed it against her pussy. She started sliding up and down it and I could feel her lips envelope it while she grinded on me. She would kiss me for as long as she could, break off to take a breath, bite my lower lip, then go right back to kissing me. I could feel her pressing out every last drop of left over cum while she rode it. It felt amazing. I eventually realized that I could still control my own body and reached up to grab onto her perfect tits. I had one in each hand and squeezed them as she started to moan. She reached down with both of her hands and pressed by dick hard into her clit and rode me even faster. That was when she removed her mouth from mine and whispered into my ear, “Twist my nipples, honey. Do it hard for me, sweetie.”

I did it all for her

I twisted those nipples as hard as I could and she moaned louder than she had allowed herself before. I started to worry a little bit about someone waking up, but then I remembered that everyone else in the house was fast asleep in alcohol comas.

“Pull them honey, please! Pull them!”

She was getting breathless and pleading with me. I pulled them and twisted at the same time. She moaned louder and louder and rode my limp dick as hard and fast as she possibly could. She humped me so her clit dragged up and down the entire length of my shaft. Then she started going “Ah! Ah! Ah!” She opened her eyes wide and looked right into mine. She used one hand to grab onto my hair hard and kept the other one pressing my cock against her clit. “Pinch them, baby! Hurt me!”

I started to get hard

It was all just too much for me and my dick started shooting to attention. It must have felt good to her because her eyes closed again and, as soon as I pinched down on her nipples as hard as I possibly could, she started cumming all over my shaft. I could feel a gush of fresh pussy juice stream down it and pool on my balls. It was an amazing sight to behold. This married woman just rode and dry humped my cock until she came so hard that she lost all ability to make a sound. All I could hear was the air trying to escape her throat. Her entire body was frozen in placer she rode the orgasm on top of me. When she finally started coming down, all she could do was start to giggle. Her eyes shot from her pussy on top of my cock to me and then back again. “Oh, my god! Did that just really happen? Oh!” She exhaled and collapsed on top of me laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh quietly along with her. I guess it was a first for the both of us.

More next time

I just sat there caressing her back for a while as she recovered on top of my. I was at full hard on now, so I was also quietly hoping that she wasn’t totally finished now. I just enjoyed the feeling of her breathing and shaking on top of me and I’ll tell you what happened afterward next time.