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Married Women need to be Helped – Part 1

I can’t explain enough just how much I love to help out married women. Taking one of these poor, unappreciated creatures and giving them what they so desperately deserve just makes me feel like a good person. I know that most married women don’t want to be in the positions that they find themselves in. It’s just not fair. They get married, usually at a younger age, and think they’re going to be treated like the sexual goddesses they are for the rest of their lives. That’s just not how it works out, though. The men they marry end up treating them like sex dolls that they can just toss into a corner and take out whenever they need to blow a load. I’ve seen it happening my entire life and I’ve been fighting against it as much as I can. I actually remember the very moment I decided to dedicate part of my life to sexually satisfying married women. I was 18 years old and I was sleeping over my best friend’s house. It was the weekend and his parents also had a few people over. That meant there was alcohol involved and that always has a way of bringing problems to the surface.

It was a party night

My friend and I were kind of going back and forth between doing our own thing and hanging out with the adults. They were all sitting around the living room with a few bottles of wine passing between. We would normally be trying to get them to give us a few glasses, but we had our own stash in his room and under his bed. I mean, we were 18 at this point and had out ways of getting what we wanted for a good time.

I could tell there was tension

Anyway, there was something going on between his parents as the night went on and I couldn’t help but pick up on it. His mother was hanging on his arm more and more as the night went on. She was sitting next to him and really putting the wine away. She was all over him and I could tell that he was embarrassed by her. He’d keep pushing her away and smiling at his friends who were all kind of silently judging her. As the night wore on, I started to feel really badly for her.

She kept going

No matter how many times I saw him push her away, she just kept wanting him more and more. I’d walk by them on my way to the bathroom and catch her grabbing at his dick any time she thought no one was looking. I saw it more and more because I needed the bathroom more and more, Like I say, my friend and I were having out own party in his room. The alcohol along with his mother’s obvious horniness came together to make my young libido start raging. I made more and more excuses to use the bathroom just so I could see what she was doing.

They got into a fight

It was the end of the night after their friends went home when it all came to a head. I could hear the two of them quietly arguing in their bedroom one floor above. I just kept her saying that she wanted her husband inside of her and he kept telling her that she was drunk and needed to go to bed. I was quietly eavesdropping on them when I heard the bedroom door open up and slam closed.

I had to hide

I really didn’t want to get caught in the middle of anything, so I ran and hid in the kitchen off of the living room. I figured that I could just say I was trying to get some water or something if I got caught. Anyway, I could hear someone stomping down the stairs. Then I heard fabric being thrown around. I had no idea what was going on until I heard her mutter “Fucking asshole!” under her breath. Then I heard rustling by the TV and I had to sneak a look. What I saw didn’t help to soothe my libido at all.

She was sleeping on the sofa

I saw my friend’s mother in her silk pajamas going through the locked media cabinet that they always had by the TV. There was a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor. It looked to me like they had a fight and she had decided to sleep on the sofa for the night. She was still drunk, so she was swaying back and forth while she went through the cabinet. She kept muttering under her breath, but what I couldn’t take my eyes off of her perfectly round ass under her pajamas. She finally found what she was looking for and angrily shoved it into the VCR. She also had something pink in her hand that I couldn’t really make out in the dark. Then she fell down onto the sofa and grabbed a remote control to turn on the TV. The sudden light showed me a lot more than I ever thought I would see. She was sitting on the sofa with her bare feet on the coffee table and her legs spread wide. The pink thing was next to her and she was fumbling with the remote. She finally found the button that she wanted and started the tape she had thrown into the VCR.

It was porn

The porn immediately started playing on the TV. It was super loud at first but she rushed to turn it down. I couldn’t see the TV from where I was, but it sounded like some really hardcore fucking with the women begging to be fucked harder. That was when I watched by best friend’s mother lift her ass off of the sofa, hook her thumbs under her pajama bottoms, and roughly shoved them down to her ankles. She was now naked from the waist down and my cock was fucking throbbing! Then she picked up the pink thing. It was a lot brighter and now I could see what it was. It was a vibrator. This woman was much older than me and I stood there unable to look away or move. I watched her clear her throat and angrily spit right onto her secret vibrator. She worked it all over the thing and I heard it turn it on. Then this poor, horny creature just shoved it as roughly as she could right into her pussy. She kept her eyes glued to the TV and violently fucked herself with her hips and legs moving in time to her thrusts. This was the moment that would define a big chuck of my life from that time on.

More next time

Damn, I can see it like it all happened yesterday. I wish I could say that I just watched her fuck herself and pass out, but that’s not what happened. There’s a whole lot more to this story and I want to give it the time and attention that it deserves. I’ll get back to it next time, but until then, please consider hooking up with a married woman. No one deserves to have their sexuality taken for granted by the men who are supposed to tend to all of their needs for them. It’s just not fair and we should all do what we can to make it right for them.