Hookup Stories

Playing with Identity – Part 1

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about hooking up with young girls, it’s that they absolutely love to play around with their sexual identity. It’s just a part of who they are. They’re still trying to figure out who they are and they make sure to experiment with every possibly iteration of themselves that they can come up with. That’s exactly what started to happen when I was looking after my friends’ place. I was staying there with their 18 year old daughter and she was learning all about her sexuality from me. I gave this girl her very first orgasm and she was hooked on them from the moment she experienced it. She was constantly masturbating all over the house and begging me to teach her new things. I was more than happy to help her out because I know that I was treating her with the most respect that she could get from anyone. I was making sure that she was experiencing all of these things in a way that taught her to take her own pleasure seriously. That’s why I wasn’t overly surprised when she walked into my room one day dressed as a Harley Quinn.

She identified with her

I knew it wasn’t a strange thing for a girl her age to identify with this character. In fact, it was a very common thing. She was a very confident and powerful character that the girls ate up. She was also incredibly sexual and that’s why a teenage girl was much more likely to care about her than anyone else. I have to say that she did a really good job on the costume. It complemented her tight little body perfectly and there wasn’t a single thing that I would have changed about the whole thing.

She had something on her mind

She greeted me with that typical bubbliness that she always had going on and did a cartwheel across the room and landed right on the bed. She asked me if I liked her costume and I had to tell her that I did. Everything from the tiny shirt that I could see her nipples through top her fishnets were working to get me fully erect while I stared. She moved her hand over my blanket and grabbed right onto my cock and smiled. It was clear that using her sexuality to turn me on was making her feel powerful and feminine. There was no way that I was going to stop her here. She was learning that she liked the power that her body gave her and it was great to watch. That was when she started to stroke me over the blankets and I decided to just lie back and let her do whatever she wanted to do to me. She had already done an amazing job of doing as I told her and it was time to let her take over for a little while and let her discover some brand new things about herself.

She had handcuffs

Of course, I really wasn’t expecting her to pull out handcuffs. I’m assuming that she had them tucked inside her tiny shorts, but they always could have been somewhere else. I certainly wouldn’t put it past her to slide them somewhere inside her body just to see what it felt like. Either way, she handcuffed me to the bed with a smile and never broke eye contact as she ripped off the blanket and threw it onto the floor. She smiled again and trailed her eyes all of the way down my naked body. My dick was solid at this point and nothing could have made the erection go away. She made one last look at me and smiled like she knew exactly what she was going to do and then she went to work on sucking me harder and faster than anyone had ever managed before. It was a really sloppy blowjob, which I’ve always been partial to. I could feel her saliva dripping down my shaft with every move that she made. It was like she was salivating at the idea of giving a blowjob of Harley Quinn and I got to benefit from all of it.

Then her hands got in on it

Her mouth was practically attached to my cock and I felt her warm hands move up my thighs and over my stomach. She searched around on my chest until she found my nipples and she twisted them hard. I reacted and she giggled at it. The vibrations from that while my dick was entirely inside her mouth got me a whole lot closer to exploding that I had been just a few seconds before, so I know that I had to do something to keep control of myself. She had only been sucking for a few minutes and I knew that she wasn’t done yet. Having me blow inside her mouth right now might make her miss out on doing all of the other things that she clearly had planned for this. I released all tension in my muscles down there to make sure that I’d be able to keep it together for a while longer. That was when she finally let go and my rock hard dick popped out of her mouth. It was dripping with her spit and I didn’t really have a problem with it at all.

She got up

She used her hands on my legs to get up onto her knees and smiled down at me. She managed to slide off her tight shorts and red panties. Then she leaned back and slide them off of her feet and got back onto her knees. She tossed her shorts off the side of the bed and kept her panties in her hand. She brought them up and let them slide all along my leg, my stomach, and over my chest. I could feel that they were wet and she seemed to want it that way. After she rubbed them all over my chest, she brought them right up to my nose and told me to breathe. I couldn’t help but do it and, once again, I didn’t have a problem with it. She held it there for a long time while she let the fingers of her other hand trail up and down the sides of my throbbing shaft. She finally brought them back down and asked me if I liked the way that they smelled. I had to nod and her entire face brightened up even more than it already was.

She started crawling

She got up again and started crawling on her hands and knees over me. She told me that she liked that I liked the way she smells and kept crawling until her tits right over my face. She pressed them down onto my face and jiggled them. The she pulled back and just kept crawling on her knees while she straightened her upper body and put her hands on the wall behind me. She just keep going until her fresh, young pussy was right over my face and then I really knew what he wanted to experiment with next.

She teased me

This was when she started to tease me with her pussy. She would dip it down right onto my mouth and then lift it back up. Then she’s drop it down onto my nose and bring it back up. She kept doing this for a while until I decided to give in and play with her. Every time she brought it down, I’d tried to lick at it. Sometimes I’d miss and other times I’d hit her clit perfectly with my tongue. It was when I did that, that she really seemed to enjoy her little game. She wanted to tease me with her body, but she wanted to lose the game. She wanted me to take her, no matter how much she tried to fight me. I’ve come to realize that it’s a very common thing for teen girls to fantasize about. They want to be taken instead of having to give themselves all of the time. It makes perfect sense and I was more than happy to help her live out her fantasy right now. I wanted nothing more than to give her every last thing that this girl wanted from me.

More next time

That’s all I can say right now, but it’s not the end of the story at all. I’ll have plenty more to say about it next time. Like I’ve said many times, I spent an entire week alone with this girl and whole lot happened. I’ll have more of it next time and you can be sure this is a girl who was always willing to try new things and fantasize about brand new takes on the things that she had been secretly thinking about for her entire life now that she had someone to play with.