Hookup Stories

Playing with Identity – Part 3

It wasn’t long before she made her move and wrapped her warm mouth all the way around my cock. She was facing away from me and my dick grown cold from her spit drying on it. The new warmth was very welcome and it felt amazing. I put my hand on her ass and tried to pull it up to my face so we could get into the 69 position. She just stopped right there and told me that she didn’t think she could handle any more. I told her to trust me and I knew that she would. She swung her leg over me and went right back to sucking my dick for me. I let her go for a while to let her relax and not worry about the feeling of my mouth on her pussy again. Then I started working.

I’m never against eating ass. In fact, sometimes I like it a lot. It just has to be with the right girl and this was certainly the right girl. I ran my tongue all the way around her asshole and I could feel the surprise run through her body. I did it more and I was treated the vibrations of her moaning in her throat while she continued to suck me off. She was clearly enjoying it and I could tell that it was something she had never even considered feeling in her entire life. That’s what gave me the idea to do the rest of it. If she was going to feel something new, then I was going to go all the way.

I made sure she was as lubed up as possible

Then I slid my index right into her tight, virgin asshole. She moaned a lot louder than the first time and I could feel her sucking me off faster and faster. I also felt her drool as her saliva ran down my shaft. I kept fingering her asshole and I made sire to hook my finger to press into her G-spot through her asshole. She just kept sucking faster and moaning louder. It only took a few seconds of fingering her asshole before her mouth came off my cock and she came almost as hard as she did when I was eating her out. Her entire body shook and she just rolled into the orgasm as hard as she could. I only knew she was finished cumming when her head fell down onto my thigh and she just laid there breathing heavy.

More next time

That still wasn’t the end of that night. We had more to do and I still needed to get off. I had just made her cum twice and I knew it was harder than she had ever cum before. I wasn’t about to let it all end without a little something for myself. Luckily, she wasn’t going to let it end like that, either. She was a very good hook up and she never took anything for granted.