Hookup Stories

Playing with Identity – Part 4

I had just given this girl not only her first anal sex with my finger, but also her very first anal orgasm. It was a whole lot of firsts that I was lucky enough to give her and I was grateful for it. It took her a while to recover but she finally lifted her head and turned around on top of me. She couldn’t stop telling me how little she was expected that or how much she liked it. She was all smiles as usual, then she decided that it was time to take care of me and I was more than ready for it.

She wanted me to look at her

She was still dressed as Harley Quinn from the waist up and I could tell that she wanted me to keep looking at her and enjoying it. She sat on my thighs facing me with her legs spread wide and started rubbing my throbbing cock all over her pussy. It was all messy and wet again from her orgasm and I could feel her lips on either side of my shaft. Then she started to slide her pussy up and down my cock with her hand holding it close to her.

It was all lubed up

She didn’t have to do a single thing to make this happen. I was all lubed up from her saliva and she was still dripping with pussy juices. She looked right into my eyes and smiled the whole time she worked my shaft. If she hadn’t already been so good with her mouth, I probably could have lasted a while and just enjoyed watching her, but I was already way too close. It only took a few minutes for my cock to erupt and shoot a massive, thick load all over her pussy. She kept sliding up and down the entire time and just let it squirt all over her. Her fingers were covered with it by the time that I was done. It was all over her Harley Quinn shirt and it dripped off of her virgin pussy. I finally let my head fall back so I could rest for a little while. I felt her move and heard her shirt fall to the floor next to the bed. She took off her Harley Quinn persona and just laid next to me in the bed with her head on my chest until we both fell asleep.

There’s still more to come

Of course you can tell by now that this wasn’t the end of our time together. It was a whole week and we had just gotten through the first three days. Things were heating up more and more and I was letting her explore anything that she wanted to learn about. It was a very special hook up for me and I kind of wish that it had never ended. I’ll tell you more about what happened between us as soon as I can because there’s still a lot more week left in our time together.