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Seducing and Older Woman – Part 2

So I told you all about the time that I got the chance to try and seduce my mother’s best friend when I was 18 years old. I had been infatuated with this woman for years and had always fantasized about her. I was newly legal and our two families had decided to take a vacation together. We were all down by the lake at the vacation rental, except for my mother’s friend. She was back in the cabin by herself. I made my way back to innocently use the bathroom when I walked in on her masturbating with a massive magic wand. She just looked at me and finished and I left the room. I was enthusiastically jerking off to what I had just seen in the bathroom when the door opened up and she walked in. The way she figured, she had just given me a show and now it was time for me to give her a show. She just stood there and watched me jerk off until I came and she caught all of my spunk on her foot. That was just the first day of us all being together, and I needed more of her.

She was gorgeous

Like I said before, this woman was gorgeous. She was a tall brunette with an amazing body. Her tits her perfect and I was constantly staring at her ass. The way that it moved under her clothes could get me hard in a matter of seconds. I was incredibly happy about use masturbating for each other, but I really wanted to take things even further. I needed to have sex with her and I had to figure out how to make it happen. I spent the rest of that day wondering what would work. Maybe if I could get her alone and horny enough, she’d have no option but to fuck me. Maybe if I managed to walk in on her again, she’d ask me for a little bit of help. The possibilities ran through my mind and I had no idea which ones would actually work. All of my working plans dissolved that very night. The parents were all sitting around the fire outside and drinking. I was by myself and watching TV in the living room. The time of the night came for everyone to head to bed and that was when I was treated to another session with this amazing woman.

It was just us

I sat there and watched everyone file past me and head to their rooms. Everyone except her, of course. She simply called to her husband that she would be up to bed shortly and watched him disappear into the bedroom. Then she jumped down onto the sofa next to me and told me that he was going to be passed out in five minutes. I had no idea what to expect. I know that I was hoping that something else was going to happen between us, but I had no real reason to believe that it would.

“You had fun earlier, didn’t you?” She asked with a smile.

All I managed to do was nod and turn my body to face her on the sofa. I’m almost positive that I had a surprised and stupid look on my face.

“Well, then how would you like to do me a favor?”

“Of course, anything.” I said, knowing it was stupid.

That was when she leaned in really close to me and started to whisper in my ear. I could feel her breath on my ear and it made my dick shoot into an erection.

She wasn’t what I thought

My entire life, I thought of this woman as an authority figure. She was a mother and a friend of the family. She was able to yell at me when I did something wrong that my mother wasn’t there to catch. She was basically a grown up, just like all of the other adults that I knew. That’s why it was surprising to me when she told me what she told me.

“Everyone thinks that I’m a good girl.” She whispered into my ear. “I’m not, though.”

She smiled wide and leaned back from me. Then she took my hands into her hers and looked me right in the eye to tell me that I had become a very attractive young man. Then she leaned in again and told me in a quieter voice that she enjoyed fantasizing about me over the past few years whenever she had sex with her husband.

“The problem is that he thinks I’m too good for the things that I really want.” She said.

“What do you mean?”

I had no idea where this was all going and my brain was rolling around in my head after hearing that she fantasized about me. It was even more shocking to hear that she did it when she was having sex with her husband. That was something that I couldn’t even process. I was the one who was supposed to fantasize about her. She was unattainable to me and here she was, tell me that she wanted to do all of the same things that I wanted to do to her. I didn’t know how I was supposed to react in a situation like this and I was even less equipped for what came next.

She needed to get dirty

“Well, what happens when you have kids is that most men start to look at their wives as mothers instead of their wives. I know you don’t know what that’s like, but it’s not very fun.” She told me.

“Oh, okay. I think I get it.” I said.

“I love to have sex, like really, really love it. The thing is that I need it to be a little more extreme than most women. I don’t like the things that most girls like.” She said with a smile starting at the corner of her mouth.

“My husband won’t do the things that he used to do to me because he see me as the mother of his children now. Do you understand that?”

That made total sense to me and I told her that. I completely understood where she was coming from in that moment. This was a woman who was starved for the things that really made her feel like a woman and it was driving her insane. That must have been why she fantasized about me. She could tell that I wanted to do all of those filthy things that he husband used to do to her.

She let it all out

It was at that moment that she decided to just go for it. She had already crossed every line that there was and it was time to cross the finish line. She leaned in to me and kept on going until I was on my back on the sofa with her on top of me. Then she placed her head against mine again and whispered, once again letting her breath play across my neck and ear.

“I want you to fuck my asshole like the horny little boy that you are.”

That was all I needed. My cock almost exploded right there. I could feel it pushing against her pelvis. It felt good. It was throbbing and I could tell that I was already leaking more precum than I had ever expelled in my entire life. All I could do was nod and stammer out an okay. As soon as I did that, she took the initiative. I felt her hand open up my pants and pull out my dick. Her eyes got wide once her wrapped her fingers around it felt how thick and hard it was for her. It must have been the first time in a very long time that someone was that excited to fuck her. She was clearly appreciative of my reaction and she acted accordingly. I watched her face disappear as she moved down my torso to take my cock into her mouth. She kept one hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and slid her head up and down it. It was the warmest and softest mouth that I’ve ever felt wrapped around my dick and I still like to the think about the way that it felt on me for the very first time.

More next time

This was an amazing woman and an amazing hook up. She clearly needed it just as much as I did. I’m going to come back to this story next time. I want to make sure that I can share as much of it as I possibly can. I also don’t want to get any of the details wrong. They’re pretty important in this one and I want to give it all of the attention that it deserves. Until then, just think about all of the married mothers out there that need help just like this one did.