Hookup Stories

Seducing and Older Woman – Part 8

So there I was behind the public restroom with this older woman. I was just a few feet from my family and she was just a few feet from her husband. She wanted me and I wanted her. She was dressed in a sexy little tennis outfit and we both knew that she has a butt plug in her asshole. She was going to wear it all day long to stretch herself out so she could accept me into it. I wanted it more than anything, but I simply couldn’t wait. We were kissing and my cock was throbbing for her. I also knew what she wanted from me. She wanted me to use her like a sex object. She wanted to be used for pleasure and be treated like a thing of desire. I was more than okay with that and I knew what I had to do next. I was going to show her that she was still desired by someone who knew how to take what they wanted from her. It was incredibly dangerous, but I took her hand into mine and I pressed it right against my stiff, erect cock.

She liked it

She immediately wrapped her fingers around it through my pants. She pulled her face back to smile at me and look down at it as she rubbed her palm over it. It sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. There was just something about looking at her while she touched me that made me almost explode right there. I still wanted more, though. The last thing I needed was to prematurely ejaculate with her again. I had to hold it together for long enough to get what I really wanted from her. I put both of my hands on her shoulder and gently pressed down. It was enough to let her know exactly what I wanted from her. She looked around with an excited giggled and leaned in to whisper into my ear and ask me if I was sure that I could be fast. All I had to do was press her hand harder into my cock and nod to let her know that everything would be fine. She just smiled at me and slowly got down to her knees. She was about to suck my dick right there out in the open and she’d be just feet from her husband. I could tell that it was what she wanted.

She made it even better

The very first thing she did was quickly unbutton her blouse. She pulled it down behind her shoulder to make sure her perfect boobs would be visible the entire time. Then she took it a step further and pulled down her bra. Her amazing tits were out in the open for anyone to see. Her pink nipples were fully erect and her cleavage was slick with sweat from her tennis matches. I could feel the blood pounding in my crotch as she unzipped my pants and let my dick pop out. It was hard and veiny with anticipation. The head was already sticky with precum and she didn’t waste any time. She wrapped her entire mouth around and started stroking me with her lips. I could feel her tongue circling my head and she sucked on it to give it just the right amount of pressure. She only stopped to look up at me while her hand worked my shaft. It slid up and down effortlessly in all of her saliva. She looked up at me and silently mouthed the words “Let me know when you’re close.” And went right back to sucking my dick.

It didn’t take long at all

I’ve said many times just how much this older woman turned me on. Her body was amazing to look at and it felt even better. Her mouth was warm and her soft tongue played over every inch of me. She followed her mouth with her hand to make sure that she was stroking my entire length for as long as possible. My cum quickly collected and my swollen balls were ready to explode. I tried to make myself last for a little bit longer just so I could enjoy the sensation of her mouth on me. The problem was that she chose that exact second to look up at me with my dick deep inside her face. The innocent look of a woman that’s trying to make you feel good is just too much to take sometimes and it was all I needed to blow. I nodded at her to let her know that it was time and she gave me something to remember for the rest of my life. She didn’t swallow me like last time, but she still managed to make it amazing.

She jerked me off

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jerking it off. She slid her left arm under and tits and brought them up as far as she could. Then she aimed my throbbing dick right at them and stroked me, suing her spit as lube. A few seconds later and the cum started to pour out of me. I still don’t know how she did it, but this woman had the ability to make me shoot bigger cum loads than I had ever managed in my life. She made sure that each spurt landed right on her perfect tits and she kept jerking me for as long as it took to make sure that she got every last drop out and onto her gorgeous skin. Once it was finally over, she licked off the last of the dribble and pushed me back inside my pants. Then she did something that I’ve always thought back on with a giant smile. She used her fingers to coax my cum down from the top of her cleavage to hide it from everyone else. Then she very carefully brought her bra back up to cover her breasts and trap all of my warm, sticky cum underneath it. Then she just buttoned up her shirt and made sure that she could wear my cum for the rest of the day without anyone noticing it. Once she was satisfied, she zipped me back up and got to her feet. She smiled at me and licked the residual cum off of her fingers before kissing me on the forehead. Then she simply turned around and walked back to the group. I made sure to just wait there for a while so no one would know that were together at the restroom and spent the time thinking about how good she felt on my cock. Once enough time had passed, I made my way back to the bench just in time to see her get back onto the court and start playing again. No one knew that she had a butt plug under her skirt and no one know that her tits were covered in a teenager’s cum. I’m positive that it’s still something that she thinks about when she wants to turn herself on. It was clear that she was finally getting what she needed and it made her happy while she played.

More next time

There’s still more to the story, so I’ll pick it back up next time. That was an experience that has a special place in my soul. I got to give this woman what she needed and she more than took care of me. I was in charge and using her like a sex object and she loved it. She got to enjoy the feeling of being a sex slave and no one else had to know anything about it. That’s something that you just don’t come across enough times in your life.