Hookup Stories

The Best Hookup I’ve ever had

We’ve all had that one hookup that we wish we could relive over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it was because it was with a really fun person or if the sex was just amazing. It was so impressive that it settled deep in our brains to sit there until we want to replay it all on a lonely night. I thought that I would share my personal favorite hookup. You may have had hookup that were better for you, but this one just did it for me. It’s the best I’ve ever had and I hope to have a lot more just like it.

It was with a Booty Call

This wasn’t just some random hookup that night. I suppose it might be possible for it to happen with a total stranger, but it’s much less likely. This was a girl that I had hooked up with in the past and was hoping to hook up with on that night. I was texting her when she brought up her friend who lived right down the street from me. They were apparently talking about hanging out and she asked me if I could pick up the friend and head over to her place. I figured it was worth playing a taxi driver if it meant hooking up with my booty call at the end of the night, so I agreed to it.

The Friend was Crazy

Her friend was out of her mind and I mean that in the very best way. As soon as she got into my car, she started bitching about catching her boyfriend cheating on her. She kept saying that she was going to get revenge and wouldn’t shut up about it. I was just about to resign myself to an awful night of complaining and boredom when she reached over and grabbed my dick over my pants. It was certainly a shock, but I wasn’t going to complain about it. I certainly didn’t complain when she leaned over, took it out, and blew me all of the way to the booty call’s house. She was still wiping me off of her lips when we got out and went inside.

It was All Planned Out

It turned out that the entire night had already been planned by the two girls. They had both been scheming about helping her get revenge on her cheating boyfriend, and what better revenge than a threeway with her friend and her friend’s booty call? These two girls went at each other like they had been flirting and horny for each other for years. Then they turned their attentions toward me. They wanted to do it all and they really wanted me inside every single hole that the cheated on girl had to offer. I guess it made the revenge all the more delicious. It went on for hours and let’s just say that it was the very first time that I found out what it meant to be fully and completely emptied out.

I’m always looking for My Next Best

It was an amazing hookup and I always look back on it with a smile. It gives me hope that hooking up will just keep leading to crazier and more satisfying scenarios. It’s part of the reason that I still hook up as much as I do. If you’re on the fence about hooking for your first time, just take the plunge. You never know what kind of fun that you’re going to be getting yourself into and you never know how crazy the girls are going to be getting.