Hookup Tips

Toys to make Her squirt

Making a hook up squirt is one of the most satisfying things that anyone can accomplish. It’s a visual and physical affirmation of your skills with a vagina. The problem is that it takes a whole lot of work. Making it happen usually means that you end up with a cramped hand that isn’t good for anything else afterward. That’s where toys come in. There are a bunch of sex toys that are made to make squirting easier. All you have to do is figure out if she’s a clitoral squirter or a g-spot squirter you’ll be able to toy to turn her into a water fountain.

Clit sucker

This one is for the girls who squirt with clit stimulation. There are a whole lot of them on the market and they all come at different price points. It basically looks that the thing that a doctor uses to check your ears, but it makes you feel a lot better. If you can get her to accept it at its highest intensity, it’s going to suck on her clit and make her lose all control of herself until she drenches you in her love juices.

Rabbit dildo

The thing that sets the rabbit dildo apart from all the rest is that way that it stimulates the g-spot. It’s super smooth and hits all the right nots inside while still working the clit on the outside. It makes for a powerful orgasm that she’s never going to be able to forget, especially since she’s going to need a mop to clean herself up. Try it on your hook up once and she’s going to be coming back to you again and again for that sexual explosion that none of the other guys can ever give her.