Hookup Stories

Using the Internet to Learn your Kinks – Part 3

The last time I talked about this, I had just given the 18 year old daughter of my friends her very first facial. She loved every single second of it and so did I. I told her to head into the bathroom and clean up the rest of my cum that she hadn’t already swallowed and she did as she was told. I took the time to head into my bedroom and get dressed for the day. I had some errands to run and I just couldn’t spend all day with her, no matter how much I wanted to. I made my way back out of the bedroom and downstairs to see her fully dressed as well and sitting on the sofa. I asked her what her plans were and she said that she didn’t have any. In fact, she said she was hoping that she could just tag along with me to get out of the house for a little. I just couldn’t say to her and didn’t have a problem with it, anyway. We made our way out of the house and into my car for a day outside that I’ll always remember.

 She was dressed to impress

What she was wearing didn’t really stand out to me until we had been driving for a little bit. I just looked over and saw exactly how of her thigh was showing. She was in a very short skirt and a button down shirt. The thing about that shirt was that she only had a few buttons actually buttoned. I could see right down it and know that she wasn’t wearing a bra at all. Once I saw that, I also noticed that I could see the dark skin on her areola very clearly though the fabric. She noticed me looking and gave a soft laugh. Then she grabbed onto her skirt and pulled it up just an inch or so and her naked pussy was right there. No bra, not panties, and a skirt that was going to show the entire world what she had for it with one gust of wind. She wanted to show herself off and that was completely okay with me. She was a brand new person and she wanted to flaunt it. I had no problems with that and I was going to make sure that she felt totally comfortable in doing it.

Everyone took notice

The first place I had to visit was the bank. We were standing in line and there were more than a few men staring at her. She seemed to love every second of it. She even bent down to pick up a bank slip when I dropped and she gave everyone behind her a good, long look at her pussy. Needless to say, there were more than a few erections in the place by the time we got out of there. She was getting back into the car when she asked me if I thought any of the men were going to jerk off to her when they got home. I told her that I wouldn’t be surprised if they just did it in the restroom before they left. She laughed and I could see the confidence grow inside her. I was doing my job and she was much happier because of it. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time with her. I even started to realize what she was going after with this whole thing. Being dressed like that in public was getting the better of her and she was going to need more very soon.

We stopped to eat

We hit up a few more places and then it was time to get some food. I pulled into the first place that I could find and we got seated at a table. I had no idea what was in the area, so I didn’t know if the food was going to be any good or not. I don’t think it actually mattered, anyway. That wasn’t the kind of pleasure that either of us were after and that’s just the way that it was. I caught her bending over the table at every chance that she got to flash her naked tits at me. That was when she asked me if I thought it was hot to have sex in public. I told her that it depended on the situation. If you can be discreet and it’s not a place that’s morally wrong, then I don’t really see a problem with it. Then she asked me for my phone number. I gave it to her without even thinking and watched her type it into her phone. She got up and excused herself to the restroom and I just sat and waiting for the waitress.

I got some interesting messages

The waitress showed up and I gave her the order. As soon as she walked away, my phone went off. I turned it on and saw a text from a strange number. One look and I knew who’s it was, though. It was an extreme close up of the girl’s pussy. It was dripping wet and she was clearly sitting on a restroom toilet. It went off again and I had a new picture. It was the two of her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart to show me her hole. Yet another text and I saw her legs spread wide with one finger buried deep in her virgin asshole. The next text was a question: “Is it okay if I cum to you in here, Daddy?” I’m never someone to deny anyone an orgasm, so I simply texted back with a “Yes.” The next picture was of her fingers blurry with movement and on her clit. The next was of her soaking wet fingers. Finally, she sent me a picture of her own face. It was red and she looked deeply satisfied.

The food finally came

She managed to make her way back to the table just as the food showed up. Bent over and whispered “Thank you, Daddy.” and slide into the booth next to me. We talked a little bit and then it was time for the check. The waitress was handing it to me when I felt the girl’s warm hand grab onto my dick under the table. I was able to hide my surprise, but she didn’t let go. She just held onto my cock for the rest of the time that we were in the restaurant and only let go when it time to leave.

“Am I supposed to be this horny?” She asked me on the way to the car.

“Everyone’s different. You just found out how to get off, so you’re going to want to do a lot of it. It’s only natural.”

“Okay, good.” She said as we got in. “Because I really just thought that I was turned on by being in public.”

“Well, that may be.” I said. “It’s a pretty common fetish to have. Maybe you do.”

“Oh, really?” Her eyes widened in happy surprise. “Will you help me explore it? Please?”

She grabbed onto my shirt and pleaded with her eyes. There was really no way that I could say no to her in this condition. She had the right to find out if she had a fetish for public play or not. I told her that I would, but that it had to be safe. The last thing I wanted was for her to get caught on her first time out. We had to do it in a place where we were going to be alone and there was no danger at all. If she wanted to push those boundaries later on, then that was fine. It just wasn’t going to happen on her first day.

She agreed

The rest of the drive was a whole lot of her looking around for place to do something. I could see it in the way that she looked alleyways and parking lots. That’s not how I was going to handle it, though. It was too early and the sun was way too high. We would have to wait until dark and then I would introduce her to public play. I wouldn’t allow anything to happen before that and I let her know while we drove.

More next time

That’s just one more part of the day and that day is one more part of the entire week. There’s still lot more to tell about this girl and the time that I spent hooking up with her. I’ll more to say about it next time. Right now I just want to remember how good it felt to introduce her to all of these brand new things and open up her entire sexual world. She was a great student and an even better submissive. There should be a lot more women like her in the world right now.