Hookup Stories

Using the Internet to Learn your Kinks – Part 4

So there I was running errands with her all day and watching her get hornier and hornier. I knew that she wanted it bad, but I had to wait until the right moment to give it to her. We drove around until the sun finally went down. I found a good stretch of highway and looked over at her. She was gorgeous, as always. Her short skirt was just managing to cover her pussy. Her shirt was almost wide open from the small number of buttons that she was actually using. I told her to take it all off and throw it into the backseat. She jumped at the chance and ripped it all off with a giant smile on her face. Then she just sat there looking at, completely naked in my car. I told her to look out her window at all of the other people we were passing on the road. Then I told her to spread her legs wide. She balled her fists and did as she was told. I could see a slight trembling all over her body and I knew that I was giving her exactly what she wanted and that she was nervous.

I gave it to her

I reached over and quickly spread her pussy lips with my fingers. She was absolutely soaking wet and it was difficult to hold onto them. I only had to search for her clit for a second. It was swollen to three times what it had been the last time. I pinched it and she jumped with pleasure and moaned. Then I fingered it as fast as I could. She was already on the verge of an orgasm, so I didn’t’ have to waste any time. Her entire body tensed and moved and she came in less than a minute. I’m positive that she managed to lock eyes with someone in a different car the moment she started to orgasm. I pulled my hand away and just let her lay there for a while. The act of cumming made her a little more conservative and she covered her tits and her pussy for a while with her eyes closed. Once she recovered from her pleasure, she reached over and took my hand. She looked into my eyes and just said “Thank you so much, Daddy.” Then she smiled at me and enjoyed her public nudity.

There’s always more

There was a lot that happened between us and this was just the second day of out hook up. I have a lot more storied to tell about it. Maybe I’ll get to them all someday. She remains one of the most memorable hook ups that I’ve ever had and we really have the internet to thank for it. She was using it to learn about all of these different things on her own time. Then, when she saw me, she asked me to help her live them out. That’s what hooking up in the current age is really all about.