Hookup Tips

What to do in the Morning

So you hooked up with someone last night and now it’s the morning. You have no idea what to do with yourself. You could be at her place or you could be at yours. It doesn’t matter. You have to figure out what to do with last night’s hook up and you need to be good about it. Don’t just jump up and leave, unless that’s what she wants. Take your time to let her know that you had a good time and that you’re open to it happening again. Here’s what you should be considering.

Make her breakfast

One of the best things that you can do is make her breakfast. It works best if you’re at your place. If you’re at hers, it could seem like you’re inserting yourself into her personal life. That’s not what hooking up is about. If you’re at your home, then don’t deny her food. She gave you her body last night and scrambled eggs are the least that you can do. Just make a quick breakfast and you might just earn yourself a steady sex friend that you can call up whenever you need someone to bang.

Have more sex

If you know that you both have time, there’s no real reason to not simply have more sex. Reach over and wake her up with a nice orgasm. You’d be surprised at just how far a sleeping woman can go. If you play your cards right, you’ll wake her up right in the middle of an orgasm. There’s almost nothing that feels better to girl than that. Once you get her off, you can just climb on top of her have another fuck session that wakes you both up with a smile and gets you ready for the day ahead of you.

Shower together

If you don’t want to do anything in bed, or if you’re strapped for time, try taking a shower together. You can do a whole lot in a bathroom and no one is ever going to say now to shower sex. Just make sure that you have some good footing. You don’t want to slip and fall while yourself into her. Take it slow at first until you know what you’re. Then you just wash yourselves off with yet another shared orgasm under your belts. Don’t forget to use the showerhead to really give her something to remember you by.

Try it next time

No matter what you want to try, just give it a shot the next time you hook up with someone. It’s the best way to go from a one night stand to a casual relationship that’s filled with all of the sex you could ever want. If the girl knows that you’re into her the sex as well as being friends, then you’ll never have to go out seeking someone else when you need it in the middle of the night. Make her happy in the morning and she’ll be sure to make you happy when the night comes again.