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Women who pay for Sex

It’s going to come as a shock to most people that there are women out there who actively pay for sex. Yes, it’s not just desperate men who do it. It seems like a crazy thought. All a woman has to do is say that she’s horny and she can have twenty guys at her door ready to take care of it for her. It’s just not that simple, though. Sometimes a girl just has to open up her pocket book and pay for a little action. Here are the reasons why women have to pay for sex.

They have Fetishes

One of the biggest reasons for a woman to end up paying for sex is her fetish. There are women out there who just don’t have any men in their vicinity who are willing to give in to their kinky needs. Their fetishes can be that far out there, or they could just call for a skilled hand. Just because a guy agrees to tie her up and spank her doesn’t mean he knows what the hell he’s doing. That’s why she has to rely on a professional who can give her what she really needs to feel satisfied and whole.

The need Absolute Discretion

The next reason is that they’re either married or in a position where they can’t let their sexual activity be known. It’s simply the safest option to pay for someone’s silence. A male prostitute or escort isn’t going to go blabbing about his job to anyone. He’s just going to do what he has to do and move right on. There’s absolutely no risk of connection or camaraderie. It’s a simple paid transaction and that’s it. It’s the safest way to get what they need without anyone ever finding out.

She feels she’s Too Old

The saddest reason for a woman to pay for sex is that she simply feels that she’s too old to get it any other way. It makes sense, really. Just because a woman gets older doesn’t mean that the fire goes out. She still has needs and it’s not like she can hit up the local bar or dating app. She talks to her friend Phyllis who says that Edith knows a girl who once paid a nice young man to dust off her love tunnel and she’s suddenly one more woman paying for sex.

It Doesn’t Have to Be

The reason for bringing all of this up is that it simply doesn’t have to be this way. These women could just as easily be hooking up for free instead of paying for it. They deserve someone who can actually tend to all of their needs and satisfy them the way that they need. That’s why it’s so important that there are men out there who know what they’re doing. The next time you hook up with someone, don’t just bang them. Give them the kind of experience that drive them wild and listen to their needs. You might just save them from having to pay for something that you can give them for free.