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How to give a Full Body Massage

If there’s one thing that gets women ready for sex, it’s a full body massage. There’s just something about feeling someone’s hands all over their bodies that makes their love holes slick themselves up and invite anyone in the room to have a party. If you want to pretty much guarantee that you’ll get laid, you just need to know how to give one. There are some things that you should always have in your house and a few techniques that will get you between her thighs faster than any amount of sweet talk ever could.

Massage oils and scents

The first thing you need to realize is that there are two different tools for a massage. One it oil and the other is scent. These things are not interchangeable. You can’t just go at her with scented liquid and pretend that it’s massage oil. You have to have both on hand at all time. Use the oil first to work her tissue then use the scented liquid to really relax her legs apart. It’s these details that will make your massage stand out as one of the best that she’s ever had in her life.

Full body means full body

It’s amazing how many people try to skip parts of the body during a massage. You can’t do that. You have to work it all. That means under her shoulder blades and even her armpits. You cant’s skip any of it. You also have to work her feet and every single toe. Work your way around her entire body and save her inner thighs for last. Gently spread them apart and work up from her knees. Once you get to her pussy, she’s going to be dripping wet and just waiting for you to massage her vulva.