Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Pillow Princess

In all the vast world of sex, there’s almost nothing worse than the pillow princess. The definition of one of these women is: a slang phrase that describes someone, mostly an LGBTQ woman, who prefers to receive sexual stimulation more than they do to give it. While they’re usually lesbian, there are plenty of them that aren’t. There are lots and lots of straight pillow princess out there and they’re just the worst. These are women who are so full of themselves that they think a person going down on them is doing it for their own pleasure. They believe that they’re pussies are perfect and anyone would be lucky to just get a look at it. If you have to hook up with a pillow princess, then there are ways to go about it so you end up using them as a wet hole and getting yourself off without giving them what they want. That’s really the best case scenario. They have more than enough sad little men out there who are more than happy to eat them out for nothing in return. If you want to fuck one, here’s how you use her to get what you need and nothing more.

Just get her wet

Any pillow princess out there is just going to lie back and expect you to get her off with your mouth. Once again, they think they deserve it and that have no interest in ever returning the favor to you. If you want to get her ready for a fucking then just spit on her mound and work it in with your tongue. Your only goal here is to get her wet and nothing more. As soon as she’s all lubed up, break away and mount up on top of her. She’s going to be shocked at your audacity, but she’s done nothing to earn anything more from you.

Go hard and fast

This is going to seem like it’s wrong in every conceivable way, but it’s not. This is a pillow princess. She wants to lie back while everyone else does all of the work just for the pleasure of making her cum. She deserves nothing less than for you to just start jackhammering away at her pussy until you’re about to shoot off your load. Don’t worry about her. She’s not going to be cumming at all. You’re making it all about you and that’s the payback that a woman like this really deserves.

Give her a shot

If you really want to give her a taste of her own medicine then you’re going to want to pull out and shoot your load all over her. Aim high so you’re sure to get it in her face as well. That’s never anything that she wants. She’s probably gaping to be pissed about it, but that’s fine. Just think about all of the other guys who gave her their all just for her to act like it was their job. If you do it all right, she’s going to tell her friends that you don’t know how to have sex. That means that you refuse to give into her and used her like the useless, old hole that she really is.