Hookup Stories

Humiliating a Cuckquean – Part 4

So there I was, sitting in a bar and talking to a mistress and her lesbian slave. There was a whole lot going on with these two and I was in the middle of it. That’s a really fun part about being in a bar in the middle of the week. You never know what’s going to happen when you find yourself there. Things can get extremely interested very quickly. That’s just the way that it is when you’re surrounded by people who can go drinking in the middle of the week. They always have something going on that the weekend crew doesn’t. They tend to be passionate people who aren’t afraid to stand out from the pack a little bit. That was definitely the case with these two. The mistress was a bisexual and the slave was a full on lesbian. That interesting dynamic was what led them to seek out someone like me. It turned out that the slave had done something to upset her mistress and she was now in the market to do something to punish her. It’s nothing new in a relationship like this but it’s important to understand where it all was coming from.

She was a cuckquean

The only reason I was involved in any of it was that the slave was a cuckquean. If you know what a cuckold is, then you know what a cuckquean is. It’s the female version of the cuckold. She got turned on by the idea of her partner having sex with other people. It made her feel ashamed and she really loved that feeling. It was a way to humiliate her and it was always her main goal to be humiliated. That’s why there was no problem at all with what I was doing. They were both consenting adults and they were deriving sexual pleasure from it. It’s not like we were actually torturing the slave by what we were doing. Even though she might cry and be hurt by it, that was her thing. She liked to be given that reason to cry and it turned her on. No matter how you feel about it otherwise, this was all something that all of us were going to enjoy and I was just sitting there and trying to get as much information out of them as I possibly could before things went any further.

I was the punishment

So, the way this was all supposed to work out for them was that I was going to be the punishment for them. The mistress knew that her slave would hate having to sit there and watch her have sex with a man. I could tell that just from the way that she talked to me. She seemed to hate men in ever sexual way possible. The mistress was so upset with her that she was going to have sex with a guy and force her to watch. I was all for it and had no problems with the idea at all. This was their relationship and I was just there to help them out. If I had said no then they would have just found someone else to do it and I saw no reason to do that. Of course that didn’t mean that I was just going to jump into the whole thing without having a good idea of the specifics. I didn’t want to get all of the way to their place and find out that I was only in for a waste of my time. I had to know how far things were going to go.

Details are important

Any time someone comes up to you with a proposition like this one, you have to be sure of the specifics. That’s the only way to know that you’re going to enjoy what happens. The worst things can come out of just not knowing what they have in mind for you. You don’t want to end up just being there are someone for the mistress to whip while her slave begs for herself to be the one to get whipped or something like that. The more that you can work out ahead of time, the more fun you’re going to have once things get started for you. You basically have to have the details and it doesn’t matter how awkward it is to talk about sex in a public place. It’s a necessary but it will save you a lot of time and embarrassment later on. That’s why I was sure to get it all out on the table before I even agreed to do anything. I wanted to be able to point back to our conversation is things took a turn and I was sure that I would have a fun time with them.

It was all okay

It turned out that everything was fine with this woman. It was all up to the mistress at this point. She and her slave would have their own limits that I wouldn’t have to worry about. That was going to be between them and only them. If the mistress thought the slave was being pushed too much then it was her job to step in and make it all stop. That’s what a mistress is for. They have to be the ones in charge and they have to have the best interests of their slaves in mind at all times. That’s just part of the whole agreement. When I talked to the mistress I was really negotiating for all three of us. She just happened to be representing the both of them. It was clear that this was all about the two of us having sex in front of her and that was it. We could do anything that we wanted to. She just wanted me to be a man and use her like a woman. Her position as the dominant would have no role in the sex between us and that was more than okay with me.

The slave would assist

Through all of our talking it also became clear that the slave would be used to assist us in our fucking. That means different things to different people and it’s always changing. Some people would just take that to mean that she was going to clean us up at the end. Other people would think it meant that she was literally going to aim my dick at her mistress’s pussy and help me slide it inside her. Naturally, I had a stake in this. The slave was super hot to me. She was skinny with nice, big tits and she was nerdy. That was enough to make me want to fuck her right then and there. I wouldn’t have even cared about the people watching us. That’s how badly I wanted a piece of her. That’s why I came up with my condition. I wanted the slave to provide the foreplay and not the mistress. I wanted her to get me hard, just like the person I was having sex with would normally do. I wanted her mouth around my cock and I wanted her soft hands all over my balls. I just threw that out there and the mistress was more than happy to accept it. That’s how I knew that I was going to be in for a fun night once I got home with them.

More next time

I’ll let you know what happened next time. There was a lot going on here and it was all just getting started. I was getting more and more into the idea as time went on and we talked about it. I was happy to fuck the mistress, but I really wanted to fuck the slave. There was something about her that was driving me crazy. Maybe I could have had her as my own slave in a different life. I have no idea, but I really wanted to tear into her right there. There are a lot of differences from slave to slave but this one really seemed to be into her lifestyle choices. I was never going to say anything to make her stop doing what she was doing. She liked it and that was more than enough for me. I’ll tell you all about how far I was able to take things the next time I get a chance to talk about it. I love getting the chance to bring up memories like this because they don’t happen all that often. On top of that, it’s a great way to educate people about all of the different fetishes and kinks out there. There’s really no limit at all to how far they all go. Some people like to live them while other just want to experiment with them. Anyone who wants to try them out should have a very good idea of how they work. That’s why I’m making sure to explain as much of it as I possibly can.