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Fun places to Hook up

If you spend a lot of time hooking up then you run into the same issue that most people do. It gets boring to keep doing it in the same place over and over again. It might be good to have all of your toys and games in the same place with you, but you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again without getting bored. If you want to fight that boredom then you have to find some new and exciting places to have your sex. It will make it all fun again.

Behind the bar

One of the most exciting places that you can hook up with someone is right behind the bar. It works expecially well if you’re meeting up with them for the very first time. You can meet up at the bar and just head right out into the alley behind it to get it on. There isn’t much that’s better than pinning someone against a wall and going at it then walking right back into the bar for a drink. You know that you just got laid and everyone else has to wonder why you’re smiling so much.

At work

Work sex is some of the best that you can have. You know when the building it completely empty and when you can make it happen. You’ll never look at your desk the same way again after you bang someone on it. On top of that, if there’s someone that you really don’t like, you can do it right on their desk. They have to spend the rest of their time there working on a surface that you blew your load on. You’ll always have on up on them and that’s going to change your entire work dynamic.

Other people’s beds

Of course there are always the beds that other people own. They can belong to a roommate or a sibling. It doesn’t matter. You can have sex on them and claim them as your own. Your sex juices will defile their sleeping space and it will always be on your mind. It’s just another secret that you can keep to yourself and remember whenever you need something to cheer yourself up. Keep it all in mind the next time you hook up with someone. You don’t always have to do it in your bed or in your house.

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Hooking up when you don’t live alone

Most people who like to hook up have one thing that makes it much easier for them than other people. That one thing is the fact that they live alone. When you’re on your own, you can hook up whenever and wherever you want. It’s a great way of life that everyone should get a chance to enjoy. That’s not how it is for everyone, though. There are plenty of people who are limited by living with other people. Whether it’s their parents or roommates, there are a few things that people who don’t live alone can do to hook up.

Hook up with a mature woman

One of the easiest and most satisfying solutions to this issue is simply to hook up with an older woman who lives alone. There are a whole lot of them. There are divorced women, separated women, and just single women who never wanted to get married. These girls are usually going to live alone and that’s going to be where you do all of your hooking up. It really just doesn’t get any simpler than that. Find someone who lives alone, like an older woman, and hook up with her.

Use your car

The next best way to hook up when you can’t do it at home is simply to do it in your car. There’s a lot more space in there than you think. You can adjust your seats to suit your needs and get into the right positions. All you need is a hook up who’s willing to do it where other people can see. That’s not as big a problem as it seems. The danger of getting caught is a huge turn on for the right women and they’re going to be more than happy to play around in the car.

Find the right venues

If you live in a city, then there’s always going to be a restroom, alleyway, or secluded park that you can use to get it on. All you have to do is find the right girl who sees it as exciting to get it on in public venues. You can try out new areas and see how they work for you. The both of you can make it your hobby to watch different places for the best times to have sex in them. Just give that a shot and you’ll always have somewhere to have sex.

The right person

It all boils down to finding the right person to hook up with. It doesn’t matter how you do it. If you find the right person then you’ll always be able to hook up somewhere. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll never have to pass up on having sex just because you don’t have access to your own apartment. There are more than enough women who are going to be into it and you just have to find them and make sure you’re the guy who gets to hook up with them.

Hookup Destinations

Best Cities for Hookups

How often you hook up can have a lot to do with where you live. Apps like Tinder like to track where they get the most use and it turns out that not all cities are built the same. Some of them are just created for hooking up and it’s difficult to see why if you really think about it. Some are based on romance and others are simply based on climate. If you want to hook up a lot, then you might just want to consider a change of scenery. Here are four of the best cities to hook up in around the United States.

#4 Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city that’s filled with singles that don’t have time for relationships. All of the girls are busy trying to become actors while they work at the local run and tug or coffee shop. All of the guys are way too buys sitting at those coffee shops while they work on their scripts that no one but their mothers will ever actually read. Add the great climate and nightlife and you have a city that’s ready to get you laid the second you sign on your apartment.

#3 Oakland, California

Ask anyone if they want to take a trip to Oakland and they’re either going to laugh in your face or ask you if you’re feeling alright. It’s not exactly known for its art scene or romanticism. All of that is changing, though. It turns out that it’s all being gentrified by the white upper-middle class and they’re all horny. Sure, they’re pushing out families that have lived in the area for decades and making it impossible for their children to continue living in their family homes, but, eh. At least these yuppies are easy and ready to spread their legs for any hard rolling local with an air of danger about him.

#2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city of brotherly love is anything but. Women here outnumber men by 14.1% and that’s a huge number. There are tons of single women that are practically begging for someone to take care of them. There just aren’t enough swinging dicks to go around and they’ll take anything they possibly can. It makes you wonder why Rocky wasted so much time running up and down stairs when he could have been getting action around every single corner.

#1 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a lot against it. It’s in the Midwest, it’s cold as shit, and it’s always grey. That’s probably why it’s the best city to get a hookup in the U.S. It’s just too miserable outside and the 8.5% more women there just want to be warm and inside. They’re more than willing to let you inside them if you’re willing to let them inside your house to warm up for a few hours. When it’s always cold outside, it’s usually hot and sweaty inside. There’s a reason that so many men deal with the brutal winters. They get them super laid!