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Fun places to Hook up

If you spend a lot of time hooking up then you run into the same issue that most people do. It gets boring to keep doing it in the same place over and over again. It might be good to have all of your toys and games in the same place with you, but you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again without getting bored. If you want to fight that boredom then you have to find some new and exciting places to have your sex. It will make it all fun again.

Behind the bar

One of the most exciting places that you can hook up with someone is right behind the bar. It works expecially well if you’re meeting up with them for the very first time. You can meet up at the bar and just head right out into the alley behind it to get it on. There isn’t much that’s better than pinning someone against a wall and going at it then walking right back into the bar for a drink. You know that you just got laid and everyone else has to wonder why you’re smiling so much.

At work

Work sex is some of the best that you can have. You know when the building it completely empty and when you can make it happen. You’ll never look at your desk the same way again after you bang someone on it. On top of that, if there’s someone that you really don’t like, you can do it right on their desk. They have to spend the rest of their time there working on a surface that you blew your load on. You’ll always have on up on them and that’s going to change your entire work dynamic.

Other people’s beds

Of course there are always the beds that other people own. They can belong to a roommate or a sibling. It doesn’t matter. You can have sex on them and claim them as your own. Your sex juices will defile their sleeping space and it will always be on your mind. It’s just another secret that you can keep to yourself and remember whenever you need something to cheer yourself up. Keep it all in mind the next time you hook up with someone. You don’t always have to do it in your bed or in your house.