Hookup Stories

Hooking Up with the Last girl – Part 7

I had everything I needed to finally get the job done. Her roommate had me wanting to fuck and the hard on she gave me from stiffer than anything I had all night. I got up and walked right into the drunk girl’s room. I made sure to the leave the door open so the roommate could watch. That was helping me out a lot. I’d be able to look at her while I worked and I knew that was what was going to make the difference. The drunk girl finally stopped playing with herself when she saw me and immediately smiled. I didn’t stop. I grabbed onto her meaty hips and flipped her right around. I shoved my hand around and onto her pelvis to guide her up. She followed me lead and got up onto her knees on the bed. I knew what I was going to do and I knew that it was what she needed. She let her head fall down onto the backs of her arms and just waited to take what I had to give her. I looked out through the door and locked eyes with her roommate.

I hit the last mile

Just like every other inch of her, her asshoie was lubed up and soaking wet. It didn’t take any force at all to get my cock inside it. It just slipped right in until her body just pulled me in the rest of the way. I smiled at her roommate as the drunk girl started to moan. I saw the roommate nod to me and smile. I started sliding my rock hard cock in and out of her asshole. I started nice and slow at first and imagined that it was the roommate I was fucking. She was clearly enjoying the whole thing and I watched as she brought both of her feet up onto the sofa and let her legs spread apart. It was only at that moment that I noticed what she was wearing. She had long t-shirt and panties on and nothing else. I really wish I had paid attention to that when I was with her just a few minutes ago. I just couldn’t take my eyes away from her, no matter how much noise the drunk girl was making in front of me. I even managed to reach out and grab onto her hair without looking at her a single time.

She played along

I pulled her hair back hard and started pounding my cock into her faster and faster. She started up with the Daddy shit again and I just let her scream and moan. I was paying more attention to the roommate. She sat there watching and slowly slipped her right hand into her panties. Seeing her do that sent a shock of pleasure through my entire body. I really started to jackhammer this girl’s asshole when I saw that. There was something so intimate and sexy about it that I couldn’t stop looking. I was using the drunk girl as a proxy for the roommate and she seemed to like it just as much as I did. That’s why I decided to reach around and rub her swollen clit while I fucked her asshole. It was like I was working the other girl’s clit instead of her working it herself. I started slow and saw that she was going at the same pace. Then I worked her clit faster and faster and watched as the roommate did the same exact thing with her hand. I watched as her chest started to heave and then I knew that it was time.

I turned it to eleven

I worked the clit as fast as I could and really jackhammered her ass with my cock. I stared deep into her roommate’s eyes as she played along. I could vaguely hear the screaming and the word Daddy over and over again. I could tell that her roommate was getting close. She was only able to keep her eyes halfway open and I couldn’t hole myself back, either. I wasn’t paying any attention to the drunk girl at all, but I was extremely lucky to find out that she was just as close as the two of us. I let out a load grunt and shot my hot load deep into the drunk girl’s asshole. I felt her squirt splatter against my thighs as soon as I grunted. I stood there and let the cum shoot out in spurts inside her while I watched her roommates entire body shake and buck in a deep and satisfying orgasm. All three of use came together and the drunk girl had no idea that anyone else was involved. She collapsed onto her stomach and I hunched over to catch my breath and just kept smiling at the roommate as she smiled at me and caught her own breath.

I needed a break

I was so exhausted at this point that I couldn’t help but sit on the edge of the drunk girl’s bed. I could have probably left, but I wanted to make sure that she was fully asleep before I did that. I was sweaty and tired and just couldn’t stand anymore. I let my head fall back and I just laid there with her next to me. I must have fallen asleep because I don’t remember anything else until I was woken up by someone on top of me. I was a little groggy and out of it, so I looked around and tried to figure out what was going on. I could see that the drunk girl was completely passed out and snoring on the bed next to me. Her large ass was red and she seemed happy. I looked above me and saw her. That thing that was on top of he was her roommate and was riding my cock. She leaned in close and whispered, “Sorry, babe, I just couldn’t resist anymore.”

I let her work

I didn’t have a single problem with this in the world. She must has sat on the sofa and expected me to come out to her, but I fell asleep. That meant she must have come in after me and just saddled up next to the drunk girl. I have no idea how she managed to get me hard, but I was stiff and deep inside her pussy. It was tight and lovely and everything that I had hoped it would be. It felt smooth but still gripped my cock and made me want to get as deep inside her as I could. I grabbed onto her slender hips and shoved myself into her. She moaned and let her head fall back. I did it again and she had to cover her mouth so she wouldn’t make too much noise. She was naked and her body was perfect. Her tits were the best that I had ever seen and they bounced right about me. I felt her skin start to glisten under my fingers. I thrusted again and she whimpered a quiet “Oh, fuck!” under her breath. She dug her nails into my chest and started to cum right on top of me.

I let her have it

I didn’t have any fight left in me. I was exhausted, practically in love with this girls, and my cock was about to explode yet again. I didn’t even bother trying to stop it. I jammed my cock into her again so hard that I hit her cervix and just let it blow. My cum shot out in streams inside her. She moaned and writhed on top of me. Her fingers clenched and unclenched on my chest. I kept pumping as the cum kept shooting into her. It didn’t matter that I had already blown two loads that night. This girl just brought it out of me. I have no idea how it took me to stop cumming, but it finally stopped and she collapsed on top of me, heaving and sweating. I just laid there next to the passed out drunk girl and ran my fingers over her roommates back. She let out a satisfied coo and we enjoy each other for a while. My dick was still inside her as it deflated and left the last few drops of cum inside her.

I finally snuck out

After a good, long while, she lifted her body up and kissed me on my lips. Then she leaned in to whisper “Now’s probably your best chance, babe.” She kissed me again and I knew she was right. I had to escape the drunk girl, but I still didn’t want to leave the roommate. That was when I heard the best sentence of my entire life. “Don’t worry, I already put my number into your phone.”

With that she quietly got off me, handed me my pants, and walked to the apartment door. She kissed me again and wished me a good night as I walked out and finally made my way home after a long evening.