Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Breeding Fetishist

One of the most common types of women that you’re going to run into while you’re hooking up is the breeding fetishist. This is a woman who fantasizes about being used as breeding stock by a man. What turns her on is the idea that the guy is only having sex with her in order to get her pregnant. It plays into their maternal instincts and they just can’t orgasm without the threat of pregnancy. It’s this fetish that pushes these women into hooking up. It’s a woman’s biological necessity to get as much semen as possible and when you add a breeding fetish, you’re going to have a girl that’s ready to take it whenever she can.

Get her papers

You’re going to have to talk to the breeding fetishist ahead of time to make sure that it’s completely safe. It doesn’t take much brain power to realize that the fetish revolves around unprotected sex. That means you have to make sure she’s totally clean. Talk to her about it and make sure she gets a full STD and STV work up by her doctor before you meet up. She should have the papers in her hand and it should all read negative before you dive into her hole.

Talk about contraception

The second most important thing to find out is whether or not she’s on birth control. Once again, the best way is to simply ask her about it. If she is, and she can prove it, then you don’t have to worry about turning your dick into a fire hose inside her. If she’s not, you’ll have to satisfy her fetish in other ways because you have to pull out the end. Use your words and act like you’re only interested in using her as a vessel. The just yank yourself out at the last second and leave that baby batter on her chest, instead of in her ovaries.