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How to Hook up with Masochist

No matter how long you hook up with people, you never have the kind of time that you can with a masochist. These are women who like pain and can’t really get off without it. The most important thing to understand here is that most women aren’t masochists. No one else likes pain in the way that these people do. If you go around trying to do what you do with a masochist when you’re other women then you’re probably going to end up in jail. You have to know that she’s a masochist before you start and you have to set all of the limits. If you have total permission to go for it, then this is how you do it.

Set a safe word

This is the time when you really have to make sure you have a safe word. You never know how far things are going to go the first time. You also have no idea how much she’s going to be able to take. You need to have a way for her to stop everything in its tracks. Once you hear that word, you stop. That’s it. There’s no discussion involved, you just stop.

Tie her up

You’re also going to have to bring some sort of restraint with you. That can mean rope or it can mean handcuffs. No matter what it is, make sure that no one can get out of them. If she can just twist them off then she’s no going to feel like she’s at your mercy. That’s what gets her off in the end. She has to be totally under your control and the best way to make that happen is to tie her up and handcuff her down. Nothing else will really do.

Keep it anal

There are very few real masochists out there who want to get fucked in their vaginas. It feels too good for them. More than that, it feels romantic and touchy feely. Nothing is going to turn her off faster than that. That’s why they always want it up the ass. You don’t have to hold back here. Just jam it in and they’re going to love it. You’re going to be surprised as how hard a girl can really cum from anal sex as long as you’re rough enough with it. Just go in hard and don’t hold back.

Use her

Finally, you want to walk away with her feeling like you used her the entire time you were together. You never want to worry about her orgasms unless you’re torturing her with them. If you want to see her cum until she starts crying, then go for it. It you want to gently eat her out and give her a sensual orgasm, then stop. A masochist isn’t for you. You have to take them and use them however you want. They’re there for your pleasure and that’s how they want it. Make her feel used and you might just end up with a masochist for life.