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How to Keep it Extra Safe

Anyone who hooks up has to worry about getting someone pregnant at some point. It’s always in the back of your mind that you’ll get a call in a few months from someone that you fucked and never really wanted to talk to again. It’s even worse when you don’t actually like the person, but still want to fuck them. After you get it all out of your system, the worst thing that could happen would be for her to be linked to you for the rest of your life. When you’re about to fuck and you’re not sure if she’s on the pill, here’s how you keep it extra safe.

Use a condom

This is a simple thing to do but too many people never even bother. Condoms just don’t feel as good and that’s a problem. That’s why you should get everything that you can before you put it on. Get her to give you a nice, long blowjob before you pull it out. That’s going to give you more than enough stimulation for the night. You’ll still be able to feel her once you’re inside. It’s just more like standard definition instead of fucking in high definition.

Pull out

Even though you’re wearing a condom, if you want to make sure that you’re extra safe, you still have to pull out. There have been a whole lot of lives ruined by a broken condom at exactly the wrong moment. That’s why you have to pull out. You can make it a lot of fun while you do it. Just pull out and let her jerk you off until you’re finished. She’ll be able to feel your man goo fill up the condom and she might just want to see what it looks like after she dumps it out all over her own boobs.