Hookup Tips

Live out Your Fantasies with Hook Ups

We all have fantasies that it seems like we’ll never get to live out. It happens to everyone. We get a thought in our heads and we just can’t shake it. The problem usually comes when we can’t tell the person we’re with about it. It doesn’t matter why. Maybe we’re embarrassed or maybe we know that they’re just not going to be into it. Either way, we have fantasies that we want to live out. That’s where hooking up comes into play. There’s always going to be someone out there who has the same fantasies as we do and wants to explore them.

Work it all out online

The way that you make it happen is by talking to them online before you meet up. This is where you can work out all of the details. You can both make sure that you’re not going to go too far or that you’re both in the same mindset with each other. Make sure you talk about the specifics of your fantasy so you don’t’ have to worry about it when you get together. It will let you immerse yourself in whatever kind of sex you’re about to get up to.

Stay in character

Once you finally meet up, you want to stay in character for the entire time. Don’t break it for anything. You’ve already worked out everything in advance. Now is the time to execute it. Just go in there and be the person that you want to be. She’s going to be doing the same thing. It doesn’t matter if this is a step family sex fantasy or a BDSM thing. Just be the fantasy from the second you get face to face and you’ll be rewarded with an experience that you’re never going to be able to forget.

Don’t be afraid of props

A lot of our fantasies are going to require props to be played out the way that they should. This could mean sex toy or it could mean clothes. It could even mean a camera to record it all. No matter what it is, make sure you have it. If you don’t already possess it, then hold your hook up off until you have it. It’s going to make a world of difference. Actually having something is a whole better than just pretending that you have it.

Don’t be embarrassed

Most importantly, you have to realize that you’re living out your fantasies with someone else. They want the same things that you do. You never have to be embarrassed by what you fantasize about. Just let it all out and you’ll be rewarded with a sexual experience that you can never forget. You don’t have to see this other person ever again. Humiliate yourself for your pleasure and you’ll be a completely different person. That’s the best part about hooking up and you get to experience it as many times as you want. Let it all out and you’ll never have to fantasize about it again.