Hookup Stories

Seducing and Older Woman – Part 5

This gorgeous, older woman was on her knees in front of me with the butt plug that I had just inserted deep in her asshole. My balls were empty and my cum was still in her stomach, but I could feel my cock start to throb her all over again. It had been a very long time since she had been able to enjoy anal penetration and she was incredibly tight. I could tell that it had taken a lot out of her to accept the butt plug inside her. She was still breathing heavily and she had her head resting on the arm of the sofa. I could also see that her perfect little pussy was dripping with juice. She was incredibly turned on to the point that a long, thin strand of her fluid was making its way from her pussy all the way down to the sofa. That was when I knew what I needed to do for her. She was desperate to be treated like a sexual object and I just couldn’t stop myself from doing it for her. She jumped when she felt it, but she immediately started to moan in pleasure.

I ate her out

I put my hand on her hips and leaned in to suck her swollen clit right into my mouth. I ran my tongue over it again and again and made sure to keep pressure on it. Then I used my tongue to massage her entire vulva from the top right down to the bottom. I even took the opportunity to slide it as deep inside her warm hole as I could get it. I was rewarded with the sounds of her quickly achieving orgasm while I worked. I went back to sucking on her clit and brought my hands up to her naked tits. I kneaded them like dough and twisted her nipples with my fingers. Her entire body moved with my actions and her back arched. I was eating her out for maybe five minutes when I felt her start to cum for me. She shook and her ass cheeks vibrated against my face. She pushed herself into me and I kept sucking on her clit until she collapsed onto the sofa. I made her cum and felt the kind of pride that you really have to work to accomplish. I gave her exactly what she needed and her sweaty, collapsed body was the proof.

I let her recover

I just sat there for a few minutes while she caught her breath. I ran my hand over her warm ass cheeks and loved the way that they felt against my palm. She finally get enough strength back to turn herself around so her head was resting on my lap and her legs were up on the sofa. I ran my fingers through her hair and just enjoyed having her in my presence.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that, honey! You really know what you’re doing back there.” She said with a smile.

“I just did what I thought you’d like.” Was the only response that I could come up with. Secretly, I was praising myself on the inside for making her cum so quickly.

“Well, thank you. I certainly enjoyed it.”

“So, why did you bring the butt plug?” I had to ask her. It was killing me not to know. I had to her it from her if she had been planning to sleep with me on this vacation.

She laughed softly and nestled her face into my thigh in embarrassment. When she turned her head again, she said “Oh, you figured that out, huh? You’re too smart for your own good.”

I had to know

“I’m just curious. You didn’t bring it for your husband. That means you brought it for us.”

She hid her face again for a minute then turn onto her back so she was looking right up at me. I looked down at her and her put her hand on my cheek.

“I brought it for us, honey. This whole thing was my idea. I’ve been dreaming of this for a very long time. I came up with the idea of a vacation because I knew it would be the best chance for me to get fucked by you. Is that okay?”

I can’t tell you how much pride swelled up inside me right then and there. She had planned the whole thing. She suggested the vacation as a way to have sex with me. She really had fantasized about me just as much as I had fantasized about her. That was possibly the best thing that had ever happened to me up until that point.

“Yes, of course it’s okay.” I said and leaned in to kiss her again.

That was when she got up and made her way into the kitchen. I watched her walk from behind and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her perfect and naked body. The best part was that the butt plug was pushing her ass cheeks out a little. It gave me a perfect view of it, even when she was standing upright. She got a bottle of vodka out of the fridge and two glasses then came back to sit on the sofa with me.

More next time

I’ll have more of this story next time. I can’t say enough just how much happened on this trip. I got to fuck this amazing woman that I had always fantasized about. I seduced her and she seduced me. It’s pretty much the best case scenario when you’re hooking up. Two people that have wanted each other for a very long time finally get to enjoy each other. It remains one of the greatest hook ups of my entire life and I’ll always remember it with both pride and pleasure. Next time we’ll see just how far things went between us on just this first night we had together.