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Helping Out a Younger Girl – Part 1

I talk a lot about helping out older women and married women. I just feel like these girls need something that can be very difficult to get. It doesn’t mean that I don’t realize the younger girls need help just as much. Sometimes you just have to do what it takes to make a young girl happy and give her the experiences that she’s missing. When a girl is going through college, she’s going to be coming across other girls with much more experience than they have. It can lead them down a path of constant lowered self-esteem and no one should ever have to deal with that. All it takes is one good sexual encounter to put them on the same footing as the other girls. That’s why I make it my business to take care of them whenever I find one and that’s exactly what happened a few years ago when I was paid to house sit for a couple that was going out of town for a week. They had an 18 year old daughter who was going to be in and out of the house while I was there. She was a college student, but her school was close by and she didn’t always want to stay in her dorm. If I had known just how much she was going to be around, I probably would have taken the job for free. As it turned out, her being there was just a tip on top of the money that my friends were already paying me to watch their house.

She was surprised as well

I got there early on the morning that they were taking off for the week. We were sitting in the kitchen and going over all of the details for the time that they were to be away. I should probably mention that this was a very wealthy family. Everything about the house was fancy and I was pretty much in awe of it. it was more or less a mansion and I was getting to spend a whole week there. I think we were going through the security codes when the daughter walked into the kitchen. She was a total, sleepy mess. Her hair was in knots and she was wearing a pair of pajamas that had definitely seen better days. She just looked up, saw a stranger with her parents, looked like I had just walked in on her in the bathroom, and yelled “Mom!” She ran out of the kitchen in embarrassment and her parents just started laughing. It wasn’t mean spirited at all, just funny. She certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to see her like that, let alone an older guy who was going to be staying in her house for the next few days.

She was a hottie

It was a few minutes later and my friends had their luggage in hand and were about to walk out the door. They called their daughter down to say goodbye and she practically danced down the stairs this time. She was all dressed up and clearly trying to make a much better impression this time. Believe me when I tell you that this girl was hot! She was wearing a short skirt and short that showed off her mid-drift. Her tits her perfectly perky and her naked legs were amazing. She has her shoulder length hair pulled back into a ponytail and it showed off a pretty face that any man would fall in love with. She kissed her parents goodbye and they told her to be safe while they were gone. A few seconds later, I was alone with their daughter with an entire week of time on my hands.

She tried to get my attention

It was pretty obvious right away that this girl was going to try and get my attention in any way that she could. It’s not like she was being overly obvious about it, but I could tell. She would make sure to bend over in front of me any time she could. There was one point when I was sitting in the kitchen and going over their notes when she opened up the fridge and bent way over to get something. She definitely didn’t have to bend over as much as she did, but she certainly gave me a nice show. We made small talk whenever we were in the same room and she went about her business, walking in and out whenever she needed to. I was sitting in the living room later on when she came in and sat next to me on the sofa.

“What are you watching?” She asked.

“No idea.” The TV was on, but I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I had plenty of my actual work to catch up on with my laptop. “You can put on anything you want, I’m not watching anything.”

Things got sexual pretty quickly

I don’t know what she put on, but I know that it was extremely sexual. It’s not like it was porn, but it was definitely something that you wouldn’t want to watch anyone else. It was essentially a softcore porn movie that you get on the premium channels. I just let her watch it and kept myself focused on my work. Naturally, she had already pretty much decided that I wouldn’t be getting much done.

“Did they tell you about the last guy they had watching their house?” She asked to start up a conversation.

“No, not at all, why?” I guess I took the bait, but I had no choice. I didn’t want to be rude to her.

“They found out that he shot porn while he was here.” She said really matter of factly.

“He what?”

“Yeah, he had a bunch of people come over with equipment and everything. They found a bunch of ads for amateur porn stars online later on. I guess he was planning it for a while.”

“Wow!” I had no choice but to put down my laptop now. That was a hell of a way to get my attention!

She perked up once she got my attention

She turned on the sofa so she was facing me now that she had me. “Yeah, I guess that’s how people shoot porn! They just find a way to get into a big house and shoot as many scenes as they can. They found him online and I guess he does the same thing all over the country! Some of my friends have seen some of it, but my parents keep getting it all taken down as soon as they find out about it.”

“Well, I wasn’t expecting to hear that!” I said. “Why don’t you just watch the house for them?”

“They just want someone to be here every night and I don’t want to have to drive all the way to school every morning. I just stay here when I want to be alone. My roommates always have a bunch of guys over.”  She said with a sigh at the end.

“Don’t you like being around guys?” I asked as gently as I possibly could. I didn’t want to come off as anything other than a person having a conversation with her.

“Not the kind of guys they bring over.” She laughed. “They’re all just douchy and my roommates are sluts. They just let them fuck them for the popularity. I get tired of hearing it through my door.” She smiled.

This was clearly not a conversation that I should have been having with my friends’ 18 year old daughter, but I had no tactful way out of it now. I let her engage me and now I was trapped. My only chance was to brush it off.

“Yeah, I know the type. I can see why you try to get away whenever you can.”

“Yeah, I don’t know why they do it. I don’t see the point of having sex when the guy can’t make you cum. That’s why I don’t bother. None of the guys my age know what to do in bed. That’s why I’m still a virgin.” She smiled sweetly and my discomfort grew.

I just got up

“That’s a good way to be!” I said and stood right up. I had to detach myself from the situation and did it as quickly as I could. I walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. I just wanted to break her line of sight to me so I could take a breath and get a handle on this situation. Talking about sex with a teenager like this was starting to have an effect on me and I had to calm down.

More next time

I need to take a break from even telling this story. There’s a lot more to it, so I’ll get back to it next time. Just trust me when I tell you that the younger girls need just as much help as the older ones.