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Hooking Up on a Plane – Part 2

So, like I was saying last time, I was sitting there in my seat on the plane. I had just been woken up on an overnight flight by a rhythmic pulsing and I had no idea what was going on. At least that was until I looked to my right. The woman who was seated next to me had one leg up on the empty seat between us and one foot on the floor. Her head was low, her phone was playing video in her face, and her hand was deep down her panties, furiously working her clit. She was masturbating right next to me and had no idea that anyone else on the plane was even awake. I was really surprised at her audacity. No matter how long the flight has ever been, I had never known anyone to just try and knock one out at their seat like that. She was either super horny or super confident on her ability to masturbate quietly. Given the fact that she managed to wake me up, I had to go with the idea that she was just that horny. It made sense, given the way I first saw her.

She was desperate

I saw her in the boarding room while we were all waiting for the plane. She was wearing a business suit with a skirt and nylons that went all the way up her thighs. She was hot as hell, but she was clearly not in a mood to talk to anyone. She sat by herself and talked to a friend on the phone. I was able to make out parts of the conversation. She was really just complaining about how much she had to travel for work. She spent a lot of time talking about the fact that she hadn’t been able to get the time to go on a single date in a year. I could now tell that she was using the word “date” as a code for laid. She hadn’t gotten herself fucked in a year and she was desperate. Now here she was. She has her hand down her panties and she was actively masturbating in the middle of a full plane. I guess I could have just let her finish, but I couldn’t. She was too hot. If I had to sit there and watch her make herself cum, I’d go crazy on this long flight.

I got her attention

She was wearing her ear buds, so I couldn’t just say anything. If I wanted to get her attention, I had to go a little bit further. I figured that she was already knuckle deep in her pink cavern, so I wouldn’t be stepping over any lines by being more forward. I slowly moved my hand over to her and in between her thighs. They were wide apart so I had no trouble with getting to where I wanted to be. She was already working her clit, so I took on the responsibility of filling her up. I knew that if I got my move wrong, I’d ruin the whole thing. I had to do it all in one fluid motion to make it work and I was going to do it. Her eyes were glued to her phone so she wasn’t paying any attention to me at all. I could feel the heat of her thighs against my skin and then I went for it. I hooked my index finger under her soaked panties and quickly slid my middle finger deep into her pussy. It turned out that she was more than happy to have a helping hand.

She was surprised

When she felt me penetrate her slick and slippery hole, she jumped. She dropped her phone to her crotch and I felt it smack against my wrist. She had a look of shock and terror on her face but it only lasted for a slit second. I pressed up with my finger and massaged her swollen g-spot. Her eyes fluttered closed in pleasure and she smiled. Her hand came out of her panties and she let her head fall back against the wall of the plane. Her back arched and her breath started to heave. I reached over with my other hand and pulled her panties down her thighs. Her pussy was one of the prettiest that I had ever seen. Her lips were there, but not too long. It was a healthy pink and soaked all around. Once I got her panties down, I started working her clit under its hood while I continued to finger her with my other hand. Her legs started bucking and she grabbed onto my hands with one of hers. She used the other one to cover her own mouth and she started to cum right there in her seat. Her entire body moved and shook but she made sure not to make a single noise with her mouth.

More next time

That was just the start of my first plane hook up. This girl was desperate and I was there to give her the orgasm that she so desperately needed. I could tell that she was cumming hard from the way that her body was moving. The only other times I had seen a woman move like that, she was usually making a whole lot of noise. She did a great job of keeping it all nice and silent. She finally finished cumming and rested her hands on top of mine and smiles at me with a look of happy exhaustion on her face. I let her sit like that for a little while before I slid my finger out of her and she readjusted herself. I’ll let you know what happened next time. She still had a whole lot more in the sexual needs department and I wanted to make sure that I was the one to take care of them for her. It was the only way that I could make the flight slightly better than it would have been.