Hookup Stories

Hooking Up on a Plane – Part 3

There I was on the plane and I had just made this hot stranger cum all over my finger. I was rock hard and she was recovering on her seat. She was still breathing a little heavy but I had a need of my own to deal with here. I had just taken care of her and now it seemed like it was time to take care of me. I leaned over to her and tried to whisper as quietly as I possibly could:

“Want some more?”

She didn’t have to say anything. She smiled wide and just nodded her head at me. Now I knew that I was really in for a good time. I knew she was horny and now I knew that she was going to take as much as she possibly could. I couldn’t blame her at all. This was a girl who spent all of her time traveling for work. She hadn’t had sex in over a year and that’s just too much for anyone. She needed it and I was going to give it to her. It didn’t matter at all that we were in a cramped plane full of people.

I led her to the restroom

I had an idea of what to do in my head and I thought I’d be able to do it. I grabbed her by the hand and stood up in the aisle. I made a quick scan of the plane to make sure no one was awake or walking around and didn’t see a single thing. She was standing in front of me at this point so I started moving and guided her right to the restroom. I opened up the door and led her inside ahead of me. Then I quickly followed and closed the door behind me. As soon as I turned my head to her, I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. She kissed me deep and pulled her head back to simply say “Hello.” Then she started giggling softly while I smiled at her. She was clearly having a very good time and I wasn’t too upset about the whole thing either. I lifted up her skirt with the intention of pulling down her panties but I couldn’t find any. It seemed that she took them off at her seat and just left them there. That was fine by me. It saved a little bit of time.

There was no ledge

My whole idea was to sit her as on the sink counter and spread her legs around my waist. There was just one problem. There was no counter that I could use. Space was tight and the cabinet above the sink was far too low for anyone to sit on it. The thought flashed into my mind that it was an intentional design to stop people from having sex in there. I had to laugh a little bit while I tried to figure out how to make all of this happen. I know that her skirt was going to be the biggest problem. It was tight and constricting. I grabbed onto it again and lifted it as high up her stomach as I could. The I leaned forward to pin her body against the mirror and hooked my hands under her thighs. I lifted her entire body and she hooked her ankles behind by waist. Now things where getting somewhere. She was already soaked so all I have to do was move my hips around to find my target. I felt the soft, warm, wet lips on either side of my head and just pushed.

It was a shock to her

She was so wet that my entire cock just slammed deep inside her and banged against her cervix. I really wasn’t expecting it to go in so easily. Neither was she, apparently. I felt her fingernails dig into my skin and she burrowed her head into my shoulder to muffle her surprised gasp. Her pussy was extremely welcoming and I wasn’t going to let it all go to waste. I started pounding into her right away. She loved every second of it. You have to remember that she hadn’t had a cock inside her for over a year. Her pussy was tight because of that, but still as slick as it could get because of her excitement. She had to work hard to muffle her moans and she even bit into my shoulder to make sure that she stayed quiet. I was totally okay with that. I just kept driving my cock in and out of her. She felt amazing and I could feel sweat start to form on her thighs. It was only a matter of seconds before this girl tensed every muscle that I could feel and came on my arms.

She had a few more

Of course, I wasn’t even close to finishing. She kept her grip tight on me and I kept fucking her. I counted at least three or four more orgasms while I worked her hole. It seemed like it was more than anyone had ever given her. I probably could have drawn it out for a lot longer, but I started to feel her grip loosen. Her entire body was going just a little bit slack and I took that as a sign that she was growing exhausted. It was a difficult position to keep up and I didn’t want to turn the whole thing into work for her. It wasn’t like she was getting lighter for me to hold up either. I picked up my thrusting and clenched my fingers around her thighs to let her know that I was about to cum. I had to do it case she wasn’t on birth control. I just needed to do something to give her a chance to tell me to pull out, but she didn’t. Instead I heard her whisper, “You can cum in my pussy.”

That was it

That whisper was all I needed. The cum shot out of me and deep inside her. It came out with so much force that I was afraid of shooting her right through the plane and into the sky. Luckily, that didn’t happen. It was a massive load, though. I guess having sex on a plane with a masturbating stranger just does it for me. I made sure to shoot every drop inside her before I finally pulled out and let her feet fall to the floor. My arms were sore and shaking. Her forehead was wet with sweat and she was smiling with her eyes closed. She leaned in and kissed me again. I pulled down her skirt for her and kissed her back. She reached behind herself and pulled out a wad of toilet and used it to wide my cum and her pussy juice off my cock. Then she flushed it and I zipped up my pants before opening the door and heading back to my seat. She stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes to clean herself up before returning to her own seat. I was exhausted and knew that she must be as well. She curled herself up on her seat and quickly fell asleep next to me.

Never saw her again

I never saw that women ever again. I woke up just as the plane was touching down the next morning. She was already on her phone for a business call. That was all I needed to know that this was a busy women who would never have time for a relationship. She made sure to smile at me while she got her carry on from the overhead while she continued to talk on her phone. Then she turned and made her way to disembark. That was it. The last memory I have of this women is of her nylons. While she was walking away from me, I was still sitting and a got a view of them higher up her thighs. The insides were covered in my dry cum and her dry pussy juice. I guess that’s what she would have to remember me by and that was just fine. She was in desperate need and I was there to take of it for her. You can’t really ask for anything more than that in a hook up. You just have to hope that you get to live it all out someday. I’ve never had an experience like that again, but sometimes I wonder if it was all a set up by her. Maybe she was so used to traveling alone that she had worked a way of getting laid into a science. Maybe she let me hear a few choice words from her phone call and made sure to wake me up with her masturbation. Maybe she plays out this whole circumstance of events whenever she gets horny. Then again, maybe it was a one off for her. Either way, it was a whole lot of fun.