Hookup Stories

Hooking up on a Plane – Part 1

There’s something about being on a plane that makes us all want to have sex on them. There’s a reason that there’s an entire club dedicated to it. Maybe it’s because we’re all surrounded by strangers in very close quarters and doing out own things. Maybe it’s just the length of the flights with nothing better to do. Either way, having sex on a plane is practically a pastime and I remember one encounter when I did it with a total stranger. I still have no idea who this woman was. We simply got together for a brief period of time to fuck each other and that was it. Our relationship didn’t have to extend beyond that circumstance at all. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I did it. I’m also glad that I was able to give her something that she was clearly missing. She was in desperate need of a good fucking and I managed to get it in done in a very tiny space. I kind of hope that she’s never been able to take another flight without wondering if another guy would come up and give her a good dick to enjoy as an in-flight meal.

I saw her in the terminal

I was in the terminal with so many other people when I saw her walk it. She was dressed in a sexy business outfit with dark nylons on perfect legs that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of. She had a body that could bring a dead man back to life and I’m not exaggerating. She was hot as hell and I wasn’t the only one to notice. There were plenty of other guys with their eyes glued to her tits and ass. She was talking on her phone and I was just barely able to make out some of her conversation as we were all seated and waiting for the plane to board. She tried to sit alone in a corner and speak quietly, but the acoustics of the room brought her conversation right to me. She was talking to a friend about how she was always traveling for work. She was complaining that she never got any time to herself and that she hadn’t had a date in over a year. Knowing what I know now, when she said date, she was really talking about dick, and I’m sure her friend knew exactly what she meant.

We got seated next to each other

As luck would have it, we ended up getting seated next to each other on the plane. This was an overnight flight, so it was already night time when we got on. All of the shades were drawn and it seemed that everyone was just about ready to fall asleep as soon as they sat down. She got the window seat and I was in the aisle. There was no one seating in between us, so we both just lifted up the arm rests and relaxed. It turned out that I was also one of those people just waiting to fall asleep. I wasn’t aware of just how exhausted I was until the plane started to taxi onto the runway. That was the last thing that I remember until a few hours later.

She woke me up

I must have been dead asleep because the next thing that I can recall is being woken up. It wasn’t by a noise or anything like that. I just remember that there was a rhythmic pulsing shaking through my seat. It happened every few seconds. It was extremely faint, but it was enough to rouse me. I just sat there with my eyes closed for a few minutes and the pulsing kept happening. That was the only reason that I knew it was real and not part of a dream. I opened my eyes and that was when I saw it.

She was silently masturbating in her seat

The long flight and the silence of everyone being asleep must have filled her with courage because I looked over and there she was, masturbating right in her seat. She had her right foot on the floor and her left leg up on the middle seat. She was sunken down so no one could see her. She had her phone up close to her face with her earbuds in while she held it with her left hand. Her right hand was worked under her skirt and stuffed into her panties. Her eyes were illuminated by the light of her screen and I could see them gently opening and closing as she worked. That rhythmic pulsing that I had felt was her let thigh twitching as she played with herself. She must gotten herself extremely close to an orgasm because I could see her hand really going at it between her thighs. She was breathing heavy and didn’t care that she was moving the entire seat anymore. She was committed and she was about to cum right there in her seat with a total stranger seemingly sleeping right next to her. I had to respect her level of dedication to her orgasm but I also felt a little bit left out. If she was in this kind of a need for an orgasm then she could have just telegraphed it back on the runway or something.

More next time

Anyway, I’ll let you know what happened next time. I guess I could have just let her finish, but that would have been no fun. Even if I made it clear that I watch the whole thing after she finished, she would have already cum and been done with it. If I wanted to get a piece of her while her pussy was still soaked and begging for attention then I had to come up with a way of injected myself into the situation. I’ll let you know the decision I arrived at next time and you might just be a little bit surprised.