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Hooking up with a Roommate – Part 2

Minolta DSC

Last time I told you all about a roommate that I used to live with. She was a really hot girl who wasn’t getting what she needed from her boyfriend. Our rooms shared a wall and I could hear into her room all of the time. One of the most common things for me to hear was her masturbating in her room. She did it every single night and I could hear it all. On top of that, I could hear what she watching while she did it. She loved to watch spanking and degradation videos when she fucked her own pussy. I learned more about her through that than anything else. Anyway, she decided to tell her boyfriend about her desires one night and it didn’t go well. It offended him to the point of him storming out of the apartment. The interesting thing was that I learned she secretly liked being yelled at and insulted. As soon as he left, she went right back into her room to masturbate. I heard it all and I knew that I had to do something about it. She had a need and someone had to fill it for her.

I waited to be alone

She went out the next day and I put my plan into action. I need to find a way to gently humiliate her and give her all of the feelings that she needed to be sexually satisfied. I just couldn’t stand the thought of her having to take care of her own needs every single night. No one should ever have to do that. What she liked wasn’t even that strange. It wouldn’t have taken anything for her boyfriend to take care of her. He just decided that he didn’t want to do it. So, she was gone and I snuck into her room. I opened up her laptop and didn’t have to look far to find all of her porn. She had a lot of it and it was all spanking and humiliation. I kind of know a little about computers and TVs, so I set it up so the videos would play on the TV in the living room. I waiting there until I heard her coming up the hallway and started playing one of her videos right on the TV. I also made sure that it was nice and loud. It was supposed to be.

She walked in

She opened the door and walked right in. It took her less than a second to see that he porn was playing on the TV and she just froze. It was so loud that I had to turn it down just a little bit when I turned to face her from the sofa.

“I hear this disgusting smut playing in your room every single night!” I told her. She looked at me with a face full of horror and I could tell that she was taking all of this very seriously. “I’m sick and tired of having to hear you touch yourself in your room! Something has to change here! You’re being a very bad girl!”

I made sure that I was sounding stern and dominant. Her face flushed red and I knew that it was working. The bag that she had in her hand dropped to the floor and I turned down the sound of the spanking so I could lower my own voice. I sat there and stared at her and demanded an apology out of her. I told her to apologize for touching herself more than any girl ever should and she very sheepishly lowered her head to stare at the floor and told me that she was sorry. That was all I needed to move on to the next stage.

I got her over my knee

“Just apologizing isn’t enough for a girl like you. I need to give you something to remind you that you’re naughty and you should never touch yourself when you’re alone.”

All she did was nod while still staring at the floor and I could tell that she was eating all of this up. I ordered her to walk over to me and she did it immediately. I made her stop right next to my legs, the I really went for it. I grabbed onto her arm and pulled her right down so she was over my knee. I lifted her skirt and just went to town on her ass. I spanked her hard and fast for what seemed like forever. I only stopped to rub her ass cheeks so she could take some more. It was completely red by the time I decided to stop and she was close to tears. I could see that her panties were drenched through at this point and I knew that I did what I did very well.

I fucked her

I let her up to her feet and her face was beet red and she kept apologizing over and over again. I asked her if she liked it and she said no. The I asked her why her panties were soaking wet and she finally had to come clean. She told me that she loved it and she knew that she was naughty for loving it. I told her that it was okay and led her into her bedroom. I fucked the shit out of that girl that night. We just kept going and she couldn’t get enough of it. There are times when I wanted to leave but she begged me to stay and just try to fuck her one more time. I had to say yes and I don’t think I’ve ever been as sore and empty as I was at the end of it all. I’m also proud to say that I made her cum harder than she had ever cum on her own and I would know. I heard her do it enough to know exactly how she moved and she was much more intense than anything she had ever given herself.

She broke up with him

She ended up breaking up with her boyfriend after she found out just how much more fulfilling her sex life could be. We ended up hooking up a bunch more times in a similar way while she was single. She eventually started dating someone else and she told me that he was actually able to make her happy with her needs and desires. I was happy for her and all of the sex that we had together. It was just one more instance of a woman needing something that she wasn’t able to get from the person she was with. It happens a lot and you always have to be ready to give her what she’s missing. You never know when it’s going to happen, so just be prepared. They need someone to show them that things could be much better than they are. If you can make yourself that person then you’ll never have to look very hard for a hook up. Take advantage of every situation and you’ll always be rewarded. Be there to help them and they’re going to help you right back.