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Hooking up with a Roommate – Part 1

There’s never anything wrong with helping out a friend in need. In fact, being the nice guy can lead you to a whole lot of hooking up if you’re willing to do what’s necessary. There are lots and lots of women who aren’t getting what they need from the people they’re dating. Sometimes it’s because the people they’re with just don’t want to give then what they need. Other times, it’s because they’re just too embarrassed by it. It can take a lot to work yourself up to tell your partner what you really want from them. It leads to women that just totally unsatisfied in the bedroom. It should never happen, though. If someone have something that they really need then they should be okay with getting it form someone else. If you can’t get it the way that you’re supposed to then you have to be okay with getting it some other way. That’s the position that a roommate of mine found herself in a long time ago. She was dating a guy who was completely unaware of what she needed. When she made the decision to bring it up to him, he made it clear that he was unwilling to do it.

Our rooms were close

The apartment was set up so out bedrooms shared a wall. That’s the way that a lot of apartments work. The rooms were also set up so are headboards were both on the shared wall. It put us both in a position where we could easily hear what was going on in each other’s rooms at night. I could hear her getting dress and she could hear me watching TV. It was never an issue. It was just the way that it was. I should probably take this time to say that this girl was super hot. I mean, she was gorgeous. Men would fall over themselves just to get a look at her. I knew she was hot, but I also knew she was dating someone. On top of that, I was dating someone just as hot as she was. It was never a problem for us and I never made any kind of move on her. We were friends and we lived together. It was really that simple and things were going really well. The only time I remember her being upset was when she had a fight with her boyfriend, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I heard her masturbate every night

One of the side effects of being able to hear her in her room was that I would constantly hear her masturbating. She had a vibrator and it was always running. I heard it so often that I was able to tell when she was getting close to cumming. I could hear that her ass was up off the bed and her legs were shaking by the noise that the bed was making. I can’t say that it didn’t turn me on, but it never affected our relationship. She was living alone with a roommate and liked to masturbate and it wasn’t a big deal. The only reason I mention it is that I could also hear the porn that she was watching. She tried to keep it low, but I still heard it all. I heard a lot of smacking sounds and could tell that she was fucking herself to spanking videos. It was clear that she wanted to be dominated by a man and punished whenever she was naughty and that was what turned her on and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

I could also hear her have sex

Naturally, if I could hear her masturbate then I could also hear her have sex. She’d have her boyfriend over and they’d go at it all they wanted. I could tell that she wasn’t really satisfied by it, though. Knowing the kind of porn she watched, it was obvious that the sex wasn’t doing it for her. It was too slow and I never once heard the sounds of a spanking or dominance. It sounded like he just climbed up on top of her and slowly humped her until he came. I don’t actually think that she ever came. If she did, it was never as intense as the orgasms that she was able to give herself. On top of all that, I can’t remember a single time that she didn’t have sex, send him home, then immediately start watching porn and masturbating in her room. I heard it over and over again and it was clear she was unsatisfied. I felt bad for her, but I also felt that all she had to do was tell him about it and she could get it. I was totally wrong.

They had a fight

I was in my room one night when I heard them talking. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I could tell it was a personal discussion. That’s when I heard it. She must have taken out her laptop because I heard the same porn that she watched every night. I could only assume that she was showing him what she liked. If girl told me that she liked to get spanked, I’d be very happy. This wasn’t the case for him. They immediately got into an argument. He just couldn’t handle the through that she was into something as disgusting as being spanked. I felt really badly for her, but it was none of my business. I just tried to shut it all out while they argued. He eventually stormed out of the apartment and left her all alone. I just kept to myself while it all played out. Everything eventually settled down and I got to sleep that night. It didn’t occur to me until the next day that I could actually do something about all of this. I could do something to make her feel better and give her all of the things that she’s always wanted.

More next time

I should also mention, before I go, that she went to town on herself that night. She didn’t even need porn. She was masturbating harder and faster than ever before. I can finally understand why. Her kink was feeling naughty and dirty. That’s where the spanking came from. When her boyfriend told her that it was all disgusting, it played right into her fetish. It turned her on to be told she was gross and pathetic. In fact, that’s probably why she was with him in the first place. He was so vanilla that he made her feel dirty just for wanting any kind of sex. It turned her on without either of them knowing about it. Either way, I’ll have more of the story next time. I had to do something about it and it was going to remain between the two of us. I was helping out a friend and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I knew what she liked and I was more than able to give it to her. I’ll let you know all about how I did it next time and I won’t hold anything back.