Hookup Tips

How to get Her to take Facials

There are a lot of women out there that don’t know a good thing when it splatters them in the face. These are the girls who never want a cum facial from you. It’s difficult when you’re hooking up because a lot of them don’t want to take it from someone they hardly know. It’s a more intimate experience that they want to share with the person they’re in love with. Still, you want to do it to them. If you’re hooking up regularly with someone, here’s how you can get her to enjoy taking cum facials from you.

Make the first one an accident

The first thing you have to do is play the first one off as an accident. Just put yourself in a position where it’s easy to cum in her face. Titty fucking her is the best way. Just aim up when it’s time to blow your load. If you’re fucking her pussy, then all it takes is some luck and timing. Right before you blow, pull out and make sure your dick is high up in the air. Once it shoots out, it may just land on her face.

Tell her she looks beautiful

After you do the deed, make sure you tell her that she looks beautiful with your seed on her face. Tell her how much it turns you on, as well. She’ll realize that it’s a fun and easy thing to do that you really enjoy. If you really make her feel attractive with a face covered in cum, then she’s probably going to let you do it more often. The more used to it she gets, the more cum she’ll let you shoot in her eye. It’s a strategy that works and one that you really have to try for yourself!