Hookup Tips

How to have a Fun Gaming Hookup

Hooking up isn’t always about the sex. Sure, you’re going to be doing it, but it doesn’t have to be the only reason for getting together. The reason you’re hooking up is to have fun and it doesn’t have to come from the sex alone. You can make the sex even more fun by adding some fun and games to the whole thing. It can lead to the best hook ups of your life and get you a booty call that you can text whenever you need a little bit of company. If she’s having fun then she’s always going to want to come back.

Earn sex with Victory

If you’re hooking up with a gamer than you can add those games to your hook ups. You can play each other or you can take turns trying to reach a goal. The important part is that the person who wins gets rewarded with sex. It’s a great way to get through your foreplay and make sure that you’re both soaked, stiff, and ready for the main event. It’s a simple concept, really. If you’re playing each other in a death match, just go until someone wins the match. That person gets oral sex for their victory. Just go for a few minutes then set up again and play. You can draw it all out for as long as you want. Just make sure that you don’t bring each other to orgasm. You want to drive each other crazy and edge each other for as long as you can.

Sex as a Distraction

The next way to have fun with your hook up is to use the sex to distract each other. This one is a lot of fun for the online gamers. You get yourself set up in the racing or shooting game of your choice with your headset on and the mic live. For example, have her sit on the sofa with nothing on below her waste. She should be totally naked down there. Get yourself in between her thighs while she gets into the lobby. Putting her knees up on your shoulders is the easiest way. As soon as she starts playing against the other people, just attack her pussy with your mouth. Eat her out and don’t give up. Her job is to ignore you for as long as she possibly can and win the match. She loses the second she either can’t focus on the game or lets the people in the game know that something’s going on. Remember that the mic is live this whole time. She has to talk without moaning or anything that lets them know that she’s being eaten out.

Be Creative with it

You can do all of this no matter what kind of games you’re into or what you’re doing. Just think of all of the possibilities when you’re trying to figure out when you can get together. You’ll make your hook up fun and you’ll keep her coming back for more.