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How to Hook up in the Woods

If you’ve ever gone hiking then you know that it’s a really good place to have sex. Step just a few feet off the path and you’re almost completely invisible to anyone walking by. That means that you can be having sex just a few inches away from someone else and they’ll never know what’s going on. If you have a hook up but find it difficult to find places to do it then you want to check out the woods. Here’s how you do it on a hike.

No bright clothes

The first thing to do is make sure that neither of you is wearing bright clothes. You want something that’s going to blend into the woods. That means wearing browns and greens. When you finally find a spot to get down to business, don’t get totally naked. That’s just going to give you away. The very best thing that you can do is unbutton her pants behind a bush and just push them down to her knees. Then you just bend her over and have at her holes. It helps if she can spend a few minutes working herself with her hand down her pants first so she’s all lubed up and ready for action as soon as her panties drop.

Find a rock

If you don’t want to do it while you’re standing, you want to find a good, flat rock. It’s going to be tough her to lie back, so the best position is you sitting on the rock with her riding you. She can just hook her legs around your torso so you don’t have hit your head on the rock. No just drop your load in her, button up, and head back to the car. You’re going to be too tired to hike after fucking her in the woods.