Hookup Tips

How to Learn her Fetish

There’s nothing that women do better than hiding their fetishes. Most of them are taught that girls just aren’t supposed to be as kinky as the guys are. That just leads to a whole lot of women who never get to really enjoy their desires and that’s a problem. It would be a whole lot easier if you could just ask them what they like and give it to them. That’s probably not going to happen, though. If you want to find out what her fetish happens to be, you have to coax it out of her and here’s how you do it.

Blackmail her with an orgasm

One of the best ways to get information out of her is by combining edging and blackmail. It’s not difficult, but you have to pay attention to her body. What you do is lie next her in bed and start working her special no-no place with your fingers. Make it really good and take things slowly. You’re going to notice her slowly rising up to an orgasm. Once her get her right on the edge, stop. Just give her a few light touches here and there to keep her where you want her. She should be on the verge of begging you to make her cum and that’s when you strike. Ask her what she really fantasizes about. Tell her that you want to hear her most taboo desires. Keep the light touches going and she’s going to have no option but to open up to you. Just make sure that you reward her by attacking her clit at the end and making her cum.

Try out different thing

If you don’t want to put the effort into edging your hook up for an hour, you can just try out different things. Just give her a spanking when she’s naked. Lick her asshole or pull her hair. You’re going to come across something that she very clearly likes. It doesn’t matter how much she protests it. If you can see the reaction in her body, then you know that she’s into something. She’s only saying she doesn’t like it out of embarrassment. Once you find one thing that she really likes, she’s going to be much more likely to open up about the other things that she really likes. You never know what they’re going to be, but you’ll be surprised at how many of your hook up really want to dress up like schoolgirls and get disciplined by you.