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Interactive Sex Toys For Online Hook ups

If you have to hook up with someone online, rather than in person, your best friends are going to be your interactive sex toys. These are toys that you can control remotely with your phone. They come with apps that you can use to control the speed and intensity of what they do. It’s easy to get them to the person that you’re going to be having sex with, and you can still use them in person. In fact, if you want to take things to a whole new level, you can use some of these toys in public with no one knowing what you’re doing.

Vibrating eggs

The most common toys are vibrating eggs. You can control them with an egg and they go deep inside the vagina. They hit on just the right spot and it’s next to impossible for the girl to hold off an orgasm when you know what you’re doing with it.

Vibrating butt plugs

If you’re lucky enough to be hooking up with an anal freak, the vibrating butt plug is exactly what you need. It works in the same way that the eggs work. You slide them inside and then control the speed and intensity of the vibrations. They’re guaranteed to get any anal girl off in a matter of seconds.

Dildo and Fleshlight combination

For the men and women who really want to give each other the real, there’s the vibrator and Fleshlight combination. The light goes on the guy and the vibrator goes in the girl. Now she can slide the vibrator in and out of herself and the Fleshlight will react in exactly the same way. On the other side, he can fuck the Fleshlight and vibrator will mimic the actions. It’s the best way for two people to have sex with each other when they’re not together.

Try them all

You don’t have to just go with one toy or the other. If you really have a good hook up partner, you can use all of the toys and have a really good time. You don’t have to be in the same room as the other person to make them cum. All you need are the right tools that are designed to get the job done well. Just make sure you both have plenty of tissues to clean things up after you both catch your breath.