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Married Women need to be Helped – Part 6

So, there we were, both passed out on the sofa. We were naked sticky, and reeking of vodka. If anyone had walked into the living room at that point, things really wouldn’t have ended well. Her husband and my best friend were both sleeping upstairs. I really like talking about what happened next because it really illustrates my points about hooking up with married women. They’re just always incredibly grateful for it and will do anything to make sure you know it. This woman was more than happy to make sure I knew how happy I had made her.

We woke up with a bang

A door slammed upstairs and it immediately woke the both of us up the next morning. We shot up and just looked at each other. I could see the fear on her face. My head was pounding from all of the drinking and my muscles were aching from all of the sex. I looked up and down her body and saw that she was covered in dried up cum. Her messy hair and puffy eyes made her even sexier than she had looked the night before, but we were on the verge of having a whole lot of problems.

It was the bathroom

She got off the sofa and crouched over to the stairs leading to the second floor. She was still totally naked and her ass cheeks spread out very nicely. Despite all of the fear, she was still managing to get me hard all over again. I heard a door open and watched her eyes following the movement above her. I listened as silently as I could and hear footsteps walking down the hall. It was hearing a second door open and close that finally let me relax a little.

Everything was fine

She got up and walked back over to me to fall onto the sofa next to me with a sigh. She let her head fall onto my shoulder as she whispered as softly as she could.

“It’s okay, it was just my husband taking a piss. He does that a few time before he actually wakes up.” She let her soft fingers trail over my chest and she finally got her smile back on her face. “We can’t stay here, though. Let’s go take a shower and sneak back into bed before anyone gets up.”

It was easy to follow her

She got up and collected all of the clothes on the floor. She looked at the glasses on the table and scrunched up her nose at them. “I’ll get those later. I can’t do the smell right now.” Then she offered her hand to me, which I happily took. She led me up the stairs and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her naked ass the entire way. It moved perfectly with her steps and I was occasionally able to catch a glimpse of her perfect pussy while I followed her to the second floor and into the bathroom.

The water made it easier to talk

The first thing she did was reach into the shower and turn it on. It covered up our voices and made it a lot easier to talk without having to whisper all of the time. She leaned right in and gave me a giant a hug.

“You made me feel amazing last night, honey. Thank you for taking care of me.”

She must have felt my dick shoot to an erection because it pressed against her stomach and she wiggled against it with a soft laugh.

“Aww, honey, you still need more?” She leaned back to look into my eyes with that giant smile still on her face. “Well, I guess I do still owe you one more.” That was when she kissed me on my mouth again. She somehow managed to taste amazing before she leaned back again.

“Okay, honey, let’s get that taken care of for you. I’ll make it nice and special for you, since you’ve taken such good care of me.”

She didn’t waste any time

No matter what had been happening between us, I had no idea that she was about to do what she did. She slowly got down onto her knees on the cold bathroom floor. She made sure to trail her hands all the way down my body while she did it. The air may have been chilly, but her mouth was nice and warm when it slid onto my cock. She just started blowing me right then and there and I never had to ask for a single thing. She knew what she wanted to do and that thing was take care of me after I took the time to take care of her. It was the best blowjob I had ever had up to that point and it didn’t take me long at all to start cumming. As soon as she felt the first pulse of my shaft, she pulled me out and jerked me off all over her gorgeous and sleepy face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my jizz shooting out in ribbons over her eyes and mouth and she never stopped smiling for a single second. She let it go everywhere and didn’t mind in the least that my cum cemented her eyes shut. She jerked me until the very last drop was out and even took the time to massage my balls while I came. I was a loving and caring blowjob that put me and my pleasure first and you can only get that form a married woman. Once I finally stopped cumming and caught my breath, she managed to open one eye and just smile up at me for a few minutes. Then it was just a matter of showering together and sneaking back into bed so no one would ever know about our special time together. It was the first time we hooked up but it certainly wouldn’t be the last and no one ever figured any of it out.