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My Worst Hook up Ever

There are good hook ups and then there are bad hook ups. No one wants them, but they come anyway. There isn’t a whole lot that we can do about it. If you spend your time doing anything, it’s going to come with its own problems. I once had a hook up that was so bad I started to question whether or not I could go on. I had to question who the people I was hooking up with actually were. If it wasn’t my worst hook up ever, then it was certainly very close to it.

I met her online

This was a girl that I met online on a hook up. She had an ad looking for someone with a fair amount of oral talent to head over to her place and trade a little mouth action. I happen to be pretty good in that department, so I volunteered my services. A few messages later and I was on my way over to her place. It wasn’t terribly far away, but it was the end of the night, so I had no other options if she turned out to be catfisher. I wasn’t prepared for what she actually was.

She was well-sauced

She answered the door and I could immediately smell the alcohol on her. I’m never one to turn down a good drunk fuck, but this girl was over the line. She was stumbling and slurring her words, and practically fell to the floor when she turned around to lead me inside. I hate to say it, but even I have my limits. She was clearly losing control of herself and I had to tell her that I wasn’t comfortable having sex with her in that condition. I mean, who knows how she’s going to feel about it after she sobers up?

She begged me

I tried to leave but she wouldn’t let me. She actually got down on her knees and begged me to eat her pussy for her. She had this whole story about having a few drinks to loosen her to the point where she was able to look for a hook up. I guess I’m a softy underneath because I agreed to go downtown for her. I even said I’d do it without any reciprocation. I could see her being okay with a pussy eating after she sobered up, but remembering that she blew some random dude might be too much for her.

It didn’t last long

Anyway, she stumbled and fell onto her bed and spread her legs for me. I assumed the position and it smelled like someone has poured a whole fifth of vodka down there. Still, I’m there to do a job, so I go to work. I’m eating her pussy like it’s the last let of lips on the planet when I hear it. She was snoring! I look up and she’s passed out cold on the damn bed! Well, that was enough. I wasn’t about to wake her just to lick her pussy for her. I just got up, through the blanket over her, and left. That was literally the worst hook up I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even give the other person an orgasm, let alone have one myself.