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Hooking up with Friends

We all have those friends that we want to have sex. There’s nothing really wrong with it. Our friends can be hot and we can be attracted to them. Of course, we already know them so well that we know we’d never make it as a couple. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to just hook up with each other from time to time. If you’re both in need and you have the time, there’s no real reason not to. There are just a few rules you should follow to keep things from getting awkward.

Keep the sex between you

If you’re part of a group of friends and you decide to hook up with one of them, just keep it between the two of you. That means nixing the PDA. Your other friends can know about it if you want, but you never want to be romantic around them. Friend time is friend time and sex time is sex time. It might seem fun to sneak away at a party and bang each other in the bathroom, but you’re just making it awkward for everyone else. They know what’s going on and you’re just fooling yourself if you’re thinking any differently.

Always pull out

This is one that’s going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but you always want to pull out when you cum. It doesn’t matter if she’s on birth control and you’re wearing a condom. You don’t want there to be any chance at all of getting her pregnant. Getting a random girl pregnant it one thing. Getting a friend pregnant is another. You’ll always have to deal with that way. Just pull out and bust on her stomach and you’ll never have to worry about it happening to you.

Let her be kinky first

If you’re kinky then you want to keep that to yourself at first. Never be the first one to bring it up. If she thinks that your desire to pee on her or tie her up and spank her boobs is weird, your friends are going to hear all about it. If she brings it up first then you can comfortably let your kinks out to her. Let her put her cards on the table first, then you can both know what’s going with the other person and it will stay between the two of you.

Don’t be afraid of it

If your friendship is strong then you don’t have to worry about hooking up with each other. If you stop having sex then you can just go right back to being friends. You don’t have to be afraid of losing in the process. Just give it a shot and see how it feels. You never know how good the sex can be until you have it. Just let it all hang out there and have fun together. It’s the best thing for any hook up enthusiast to ever do when they come across someone they want.