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Best Sex Toys for Hooking up

Hooking up on its own is a lot of fun, but it’s never bad idea to have a whole lot of sex toys ready to go. You’ll be able to offer the kind of sexually explosive experience that will keep the women coming back to you over and over again. It’s also a great idea to have a good mix of both interactive and analogue sex toys. It will ensure hook ups where you can do anything you want. In addition to that, you want to run the gamut from general toys to fetish toys to make your sex the best around.

Lovense Toys

First up are the Lovense toys. These should make the foundation of your sex toy collection. They touch on all the bases with what they offer and you’ll be able to give any girl the experience of a lifetime. There’s the Lush, which happens to be their most popular toy. This is a G-spot stimulator that goes into the vagina. You can set it off with your app and choose the intensity and length of the vibrations. It’s pretty much guaranteed to get her off, so you have to be careful with the way you use it if you want to edge her.

Next up is the Hush. This is a vibrating butt plug that can drive her wild both with and without sex happening at the same time. Just make sure you have plenty of lube handy. If you end up using it for an extended period of time, you can have some trouble getting out of her ass again. Just squirt in a bunch of lube and you’ll be able to slide it right out of her. It’s the best way to add some kink to your hook up.

Then there’s the Nora. This is a dual stimulating vibrating. It vibrates inside her as well as working her clit at the same time. If you want to get the most out of it, then it’s best to let her use it on herself while you control the vibrations with your phone. You just can’t get any better than torturing her by turning it off right before she goes over the edge, only to turn it on full blast a second later to keep her in the game. You’ll have her begging you to let her cum and you can’t get any better than that.

If you want to take your fun on the road, you can do any better than the Ferri. This is a panty vibrator that she can wear under anything. That means you can set her off in public and make her cum when she’s surrounded by strangers. You’ll be treated to her desperately trying to hide the fact that she’s having an uncontrollable orgasm in the middle of a restaurant or club. You’ll just have to make sure you tell her that she did a great job when it’s all over to calm her down.


Of course, no sex toy collection is ever really complete without the Sybian. It’s one of the most popular sex toys around and there’s a reason for that. It’s just a vibrating saddle on the surface, but it’s the attachments that really make it worth your while. There’s the Silky Smooth Flat Top with just a nub on it. This lets the girl get all of her stimulation on the outside of her pussy with just a little bit of penetration. It’s a great way to tease and make her crave more and more from you while you play.

Then there’s the Orb. This is a ball on top of a slide that gives girls with shallow G-spots exactly what they need. It’s next to impossible for them to stop from cumming when they’re finally getting the stimulation they’ve always need but never really gotten before from anyone.

The G-Wave comes with a deep G-spot stimulator and waves underneath to stimulate her clit. It’s a full on party down there once you start using this and there’s one for every type of girl. There’s also the G-Egg which does the same thing. The difference is that the G-spot stimulator is much bigger to really get her off.

Finally, there’s the triple delight. If you only have one attachment, then you want this one. There’s a very satisfying dildo in the middle with nubs in front of and behind it. The dildo is also curved to hit the G-spot. That means you’re stimulating her clit, g-spot, and asshole all at the same time. If you ever come across a girl who says that this doesn’t make her cum then you[re dealing with a fucking liar. It will get any girl off to the point where she’s nothing but a sweaty mess gasping for air afterward.

Fuck Machine

Then we get to the good, old fashioned Fuck Machine. This thing looks like it belongs in a factory or something. It’s literally a dildo on the end of a piston. You turn it on and it fucks. It’s just that simple. If you really want to just watch her get fucked, but don’t have a friend around, this is what you need. You can also finally give her the threeway sensation that she’s always craved. Just take her mouth and let eh fuck machine work her pussy. She’ll be sure to beg you to let her come back over afterward.

There are a few different options for this one. The luxury machine can be her new best friend. This one gives her a good, hard fucking of 24” per second. That’s the kind of fuck that you just can’t get from a human. Then there’s the classic. This one will fuck her with a full 8” to really give it to her good. If she still needs more, there’s a 12” version for all those size queens out there. Just make sure you use a softer dildo to save her cervix from the impacts.


If you want to go low tech, then you need the Liberator. This is just a simple pillow that lets you get into a whole bunch of different positions. There’s the classic V shape to keep her comfortable while she’s on her knees. Then there’s the V with a seat at the bottom. This is perfect to get her on her back with her pussy in the air so you don’t have to sink into the bed when you fuck her. There’s also the saddle that lets you penetrate her in any hole and from any position.

They also come with holders for vibrators. She can ride them or she can let them rest against her pussy while you do other things. It’s the best way to keep her right on top of the vibrator when you don’t want her to be able to get off it. Naturally, you’ll have to talk about it beforehand, but if she’s into orgasm torture, then this is the tool that you’ve always needed. Try it once and you’ll never want to go back to just banging on flat bed ever again. There’s also a waterproof blanket you can get that lets you know just how well they all work.

Make your own toys

There’s always the option of making your own toys to use on her. Let’s just say that this girl is in love with your cock. The problem is that you can’t always give it to her. Maybe she’s married or maybe you’re on different schedules. No matter what the reason, you can buy silicone kits to make a perfect recreation of your cock. Just fill the tube and slide your dick in. As long as you can keep yourself hard, the silicone will give you and exact negative of your package. Then just fill it and let the dildo come to you. You’ll be able to be with her, even when she’s all alone and just thinking about that time you made her cum at the bar. If you really want to get fucked up with it, make a silicone copy of your dick and put in on the fuck machine. She’ll have you in her mouth and her pussy at the same time. You won’t get a better expression of lust for what you’re packing than that.

Try them all

There are a lot of different sex toys on the market that I don’t have time to mention right here. Just do some research and you’ll come across them. I’ll just say that you should always go for the name brand. That’s where you’re going to find the best quality. Sex toys are always the things that you don’t want to take any chances with. Get the best that you can and you’ll have a toy that keeps on giving over and over again. You’ll be shocked at how popular these all make you with the ladies and you’ll never have to spend a night alone ever again.