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Hooking up with a Freak – Part 3

We had just gotten to my usual hook up’s apartment and she immediately told her married friend to take off all of her clothes. She didn’t even give her a chance to settle in and that was all part of the experience that she was giving her. Her married friend was a fetishist and considered herself to be a cum slut. They’re a really fun subset of BDSM that gets off on being insulted and humiliated with sex. They feel that they crave sex so much that they need to be punished for it. It gets them off and it was exactly what this woman needed. She wasn’t getting it from her husband at all. He was just incapable of being the sexual partner that she needed. She had confided all of this to us earlier that night and we were intent on taking care of her. She clearly had a need and she was desperate to have fulfilled. We were going to do that for her and her husband never needed to know a single thing about it. If he couldn’t take care of her, then we would do it and she would be able to go home happy and satisfied afterward.

She did everything she was told

My regular hook up knew what she was doing and she never let up for a single second. She told her married friend that sluts don’t have to wear clothes because they’re always taking them off anyway. That’s’ why she was currently naked and standing in the middle of the room with nothing touching her body but the big butt plug in her asshole. My hook up told her that a slut’s place was on her knees and the married girl knelt down immediately. She was into it as deeply as she possibly be and it was obvious that she was being fulfilled on a level that she hadn’t experienced in a very long time. That was when I realized that my regular hook up was sliding off the skirt and panties that she had been wearing all night long. She stepped right up to her married friend and lifted her right leg to rest the inside of her kneed on top of her shoulder. The grabbed a handful of her hand and explained to her that sluts can’t stop themselves from eating pussy when it was right in front of them, no matter how sweaty it was from dancing all night long.

She seemed to agree

The married woman nodded her head in agreement and she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of my hook up’s naked pussy in front of her. I just stood there and enjoyed the show as my hook up pressed her married friend’s face right into her crotch. Her eyes closed and she let her head fall back as her friend started eating her sweaty pussy for her. It was pretty obvious from watching her reaction that the married girl was just as good at eating pussy as she was giving blowjobs. I was able to experience that blowjob skill for myself just an hour earlier. She had taken me out into the alleyway next to the club we were at to kneel on the filthy asphalt and suck me off right them and there. That was how I knew that she was a cum slut. She wanted to be used and her husband would never be able to do that for her. She was bored and she was desperate for the kind of sexual pleasure that she hadn’t felt in many years.

My hook up guided her through it all

The pussy eating certainly went on for a long time and they both seemed to be enjoying it. I could see the way my regular hook up’s body was moving and I knew that she was getting close to cumming. She asked her if she liked eating her sweaty pussy and the married women mumbled an affirmative and nodded her head. The vibration from the mumbling was just too much for my regular hook up to handle and I watched her cum right then and there. She pressed her married friend’s face even deeper into her pussy and held it there tight until she came all over her mouth and started bucking in her legs and shoulders. Then she pushed her face back and stood there with her leg over her shoulder until she stopped shaking from the orgasm. She caught her breath and looked down at her and pushed her back hard so she landed on the floor. She told her that she was a bad slut for making her cum without permission. This is where all of the humiliation really started and I could see that the married women was eating it all up and loving every second of it.

It was time for the punishment

My regular hook up ordered her friend to get on her hands and knees on the floor and kept telling her that she was a naughty slut for giving her an orgasm. She told her to stay exactly where she was and disappeared for a minute in her room. Then she came back with a long whip in her hand and smirk on her face. She told her that if she couldn’t be trusted to ask for permission to make someone cum then she was going to be punished until she remembered. She moved up right behind her and let the whip fly. She swung her arm and let it crack painfully against her naked ass. The married friend worked hard to keep her screams silent, but it didn’t last long. She started moaning and sighing with every crack and she was only getting louder. I was standing by this whole time and just enjoying the view, but I knew that I had to do some work as well. I simply told her that is she couldn’t keep her mouth shut then I’d have to stuff it with something.

I got my second blowjob

I opened up my pants and let them fall to them floor. I stepped out of them and stood in front of the married friend. She was making a lot of noise and I had to give her a reason to stay quiet. I slid my fingers underneath her chin and lifted her face right up to my dick. I didn’t have to work hard to get to start sucking me off just like she had just done in the alleyway. The sensations of her moaning in pain and pleasure made it feel good on a whole new level though. I just stood there and face fucked her while I watched my regular hook up whip her on her other end. It was a lot of fun and there’s no way that I would have ever traded that experience for anything else. Everyone was having fun and getting exactly what they needed out of each other. We went on for a while before my regular hook up decided she wanted a change. She dropped her whip and said that it look like more fun from my side.

We switched sides

I agreed to let her experience it for herself and pulled my dick out of the married woman’s mouth. My cock was dripping in her saliva and she was just smiling up as me. I moved to her other end and saw that her entire ass was bright red and starting to bruise. My regular hook up had done a very good job of punishing her friend. She disappeared into the bedroom again and came back a minute later with a giant strap on dildo belted to her. It wasn’t anything that she had every used with me and I was surprised that she had some toys I had yet to discover. She took my place in front of the married girl’s face and made her suck on that dildo for all that she was worth. That’s an especially humiliating thing to do to a cum slut and she was loving it. I was behind her now and I could see that her pussy was absolutely dripping with juice. There was a long string of it going from her clit to the floor and I knew that this was something she was never going to be able to forget.

More next time

I’ll have more to say about this night next time. There was just a lot going on and it’s a lot to share. I’m really enjoying remembering it all, though. It was a really fun night and I don’t think that any of us have ever been able to forget about it. It also wasn’t the only night that the three of us got together for it, but that’s a different story for a different time. I’ll have more about this one tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it all ended.