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Hooking up With His Professor – Part 2

So, the last time I left you, my friend had just visited his professor at her home for a very special lesson. She was trying to help him with his grades, but he was just too exhausted to focus on anything. She noticed and offered him a nap on her sofa. He protested, but she made sure to give him what he needed, which was a good night’s sleep. His professor just reached under his blanket and jerked him right off into her warm palm. Then he was more than happy to pass right out for her.

He woke up to breakfast

Not only was his professor helping him with is grades and jerking him off, she was also feeding him. He woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen and just couldn’t stop himself from following the scent. It had been so long since he had good food that he almost fell right to his knees when he saw what was waiting for him. There was a massive spread of fruit, eggs, meat, milk, coffee and orange juice. Best of all, his professor was standing right there wearing a cooking apron and absolutely nothing else.

Her body was amazing

It was at this point that he just had to stop and remember her body. He said it was perfect. He couldn’t even tell that she was well into her 40’s or early 50’s. According to him, she still looked like a smoking hot 18 year old. Her body was tight and it curved in all the right places. She must have noticed his approval of her naked body because she as she walked past him, she grabbed onto his throbbing erection over his pants and said, “Glad you like what you see, sweetie.” The she winked and smiled and pulled out a chair for him.

She took the day off

It turned out that she had called the school in the morning and told them that she wouldn’t be in that day. She told him that she wanted to be able to spend as much time helping him as she could. Since she had him right in her house, it was best if she just took the day off and spent it with him. It was a very nice gesture and my friend, once again, tried to tell her that she really didn’t have to put so much effort into helping him.

He owed her

It was at that point that she booted herself up and sat naked on the table right in front of him. She slowly untied her apron and let it fall until her just covered her boobs. “Well, you see, sweetie, you can’t really say no, now can you?” She let her apron fall down to her lap and let her boobs come out to greet him. “After what happened last night, I kind of think that you owe me a little, don’t you?” This is when she threw the apron onto the floor and put her naked feet on either side of my friend. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was right in front of his face. Just like the rest of her, he says that it was gorgeous and already wet and ready for him.

“Yeah, I guess I do owe you for that.” He stammered.

“That’s good sweetie.” Her smile widened and she scooted her ass so close to him that he could smell her pussy as it waiting for him.“ Since you owe me, now, why don’t you start with a good breakfast and then we’ll get back to work.”

She was the main course

She put her hand on top of his head and pushed it right into her pussy. Just like it seemed, it was soaking wet and ready. Her clit was swollen to the point where he could feel it throb against his lips. He open them up and ate her out right there on the breakfast table. He sucked on her clit and licked her lips up and down until she came so hard that her entire body shook and her thighs clamped down on his head until it hurt him. He said he was actually stuck with her cumming on his face for a good ten minutes before he could finally get his head out. They were both gasping for breath and she still had a massive smile on her face that just wouldn’t go away.

She cleaned him up

It took her awhile to get control of herself, but once she did, she grabbed a cloth napkin from the table and wiped his lips clean for him. Then she used the same napkin to clean her pussy before sliding off of the table and pulling all of the dishes in front of him. Then she sat down, still naked, on the other site of the table and just enjoyed his company while they both ate the breakfast that she made for them. They talked about everything and he said that was when he really started to like her.

Then it was time for work

After they both ate, it was time to get back to work. She kept all of the clothes off the entire time. She sat right next to him and guided him through his schoolwork. She would reward him with right answers by rubbing his thigh with her hand. Sometimes, if he got something wrong, she would push him over and give him a light spanking. Then it was time for his pants to come totally off and for the real work to begin.

More next time

Like I said before, there’s a whole lot to his story. I’ll have plenty more next time. This woman never lets up for a single second. She knows how to help young men and they have plenty of lessons to get through before she lets him go. I’ll let you know about more of it next time.