Hookup Stories

Hooking Up with the Last girl – Part 2

So there I was at the bar and I had just tasked with getting the last girl there home. I was going to be a task. This girl was horny and she was refusing to leave unless someone fucked her right there. It was clear that she had too much to drink and the bartender was trying to be nice. He could have just called the police but he was trying to just get her home and asleep. He asked me to take her home and I agreed to help him out. He was a friend of mine, after all. I was assuming that she would accept the ride because she’d be under the assumption that I was going to have sex with her. In reality, I had no interest in that at all. She was chubby and way too slutty for my taste. I was banking on the hope that she’d pass out on the drive back home and just leave when I pulled up at her door. I had no idea at the time that this was only wishful thinking. I was in for a much longer night than I wanted.

He told her something

I have no idea what the bouncer told her, but by the time I made my way round the bar to her, she was standing with her purse over her shoulder and ready to go. The bouncer thanked me for taking the hit and told me that he’d take care of me the next time I showed up. I took that to mean a night of free drinks and I was more than willing to accept it after this. I nodded at her and turned to the door. She immediately grabbed onto my arm and leaned on me for the entire walk outside and to the car. She didn’t say anything, though. She just leaned on my arm and followed me. I opened the door on her side and she just fell onto the seat. I made my way to the other side and got in next to her. She was smiling and putting on lipstick for some reason. It was right then that I realized I didn’t know where she lived. That was a bit of a problem. I probably should have gotten it out of her at the bar. Now I was sitting in my car with this woman and no idea where to take her.

I had to find out

I asked her where she lived and she looked at me with some surprise.

“Why do you need to know where I live?” She asked.

“So I can take you home.”

“I don’t want to go home! Let’s go to your place!”

I sat back and just let a sigh escape me. She just turned back to the mirror to continue putting on her lipstick. I figured I had to play along if I wanted to get rid of her.

“We can’t go back to my place. I live with roommates.”

She put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. “So, what’s wrong with that? I won’t judge you.” She smiled.

The fact was that I lived alone but I really didn’t want to have to take her there. I couldn’t just leave her on the street, though. I had to get her address out of her.

“If we go to my place then we can’t be as loud.” I said with a forced smirk on my face. I knew the second I said it that I shouldn’t have, but it was the only choice I had open to me. I can’t begin to describe how happy it made her. She jumped up and down in her seat and put her lipstick away.

“Ooh, baby! Momma likes you! I don’t think I can wait until we get in!”

She finally gave me her address. I brushed her hand off of my thigh, sighed heavily again, and turned on the car.

She really couldn’t wait

I started driving and the first step was to pull out of the parking lot and into the street. I had to focus my attention to my left and away from her to wait for traffic to pass. I have no idea how she managed to do what she did in that short amount of time, but she did. She also did it silently because I didn’t hear a thing. I turned out that she was being honest when she said that she didn’t think she could wait. I turned onto the street and glanced at her before focusing back on the road. There she was next to me. Her shoes, socks, and panties were on the floor. Her bare feet were up on my dashboard and her thick thighs were spread wide. She dress was hiked up and she was going to town on her pussy. She had decided in her drunken state to just start masturbating in my car. She had one hand working her clit and the middle fingers of her other buried deep in her hole. Her eyes were open and they seemed to be glued to my crotch. I probably could have stopped her, and I was about to. That was when I realized that this could all work out for me. If she managed to get herself off in time, she might not care about me going home to her. It might just be the best way to get rid of her, so I just let her fuck herself in my passenger seat while I drove.

She didn’t hold back

She clearly had no shame at this point. She was getting louder and louder as she fucked herself. Her legs opened and closed and her back started to arch. It soon became clear that she was just going to do the whole thing while I drove. Once again, I was okay with that. I was hoping she’d get it all about of her system. She was getting close when she pulled her fingers out of her pussy. Her other hand started flying over her clit and working it twice as hard. She grabbed onto my dick with her free hand and I just let her hold onto it. I wasn’t even close to being hard, but she didn’t seem to notice. She started doing this weird stroking thing like she was trying to jerk me off over my pants when she finally started to cum. She was loud as all hell. She was practically screaming and that’s when she started talking.

“Oh, shit, Daddy, I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you, Daddy! Watch me cum, Daddy! AAAHHH!” She screamed out of nowhere.

It would have been all well and good, but she decided to make a total mess. She came hard and started squirting all over my goddamn car. It shot out so hard that it splattered all over my clothes. It drenched my dashboard and my windshield. I remember yelling at her to stop, but she couldn’t. She just kept squirting all over the place. All I could think about was how now I had to clean the entire fucking car because of this bitch. It’s not like she was in her right mind, but still. If you lose control like that when you drink then you shouldn’t drink that much. She kept squirting for what seemed like forever until the streams and spurting finally started to subside. Her entire body went slack and she slumped back into her seat. The only thing I could focus on was the squirt dripping off of my windshield. I also noticed that she had soaked the fabric of my seat. Now I was going to have to pay for detailing and that shit was expensive.

I tried to be nice

I was trying to be nice about this whole thing as much as possible. I know it’s not like she decided to do any of this tonight. She was just a horny girl who drank way too much. The inside of my car was drenched but at least she seemed to have it out of her system. I just silently kept driving until I pulled up to her apartment building. I told her she was home and that was when all of my hopes of being rid of her were completely dashed.

More next time

I’ll let you know what happened next time. I really wanted to just drop her off but that didn’t happen. She really wasn’t about to end the night without a fucking, no matter how big of a mess she had just made in a stranger’s car. I couldn’t just leave her on the sidewalk and be done with it. She could have gotten herself into some real trouble if I did that to her. I said I’d take care of her and that’s what I had to do. Sometimes you just have to take a hit for the team.