Hookup Tips

How to make a Vanilla Girl feel Dirty

If there’s one common desire among women, it’s to feel dirty while they’re having sex. Most girls have to spend all day giving off a clean and motherly kind of vibe. When they finally get home at the end of the day and start getting into some sexual action, they want to cut loose. Of course, feeling dirty doesn’t mean they want to go crazy. It’s not like they fantasize about being pissed on or anything like that. Plenty of women do, but not vanilla girls. Most just want to feel a little dirty and here’s how you do it.

Pull her hair

The most common thing to do is to just pull her hair from behind while you’re having sex. Naturally, doggy style is going to work best for this. It’s just that little but of naughtiness that a vanilla girl needs to feel the way she wants. You’ll be surprised at the reactions you get out of her when you do it and she’ll never want you to stop doing it. Just make sure that it’s not too hard. No one wants to get out of bed and find out that they have less hair than when they started.

Use her juices

The next thing to really push the limits of what a vanilla girl can stand is to feed her her own juices. Just get her on her back and start working her pussy. Stimulate her clit and finger her as much as you can to get her wet. Once your fingers are soaked, bring them up and run them all over her lips. It’s going to be so dirty to her vanilla mind that she’ll love it. Then you can either lick it off or let her do the work. It’s the best way to gently dirty up a vanilla girl.