Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Cum Fetishist

Although it may not be the most common fetish, you’re very likely to occasionally come across cum fetishists while you’re hooking up. These are women who love semen. They want it inside them and they want it all over them. They’re usually submissive and see it as a mark of ownership from a man. If you shoot your load on them, you’re claiming them as yours. Sometimes it’s part of a relationship and sometimes it’s just all good fun on a one night stand. If you think you’re talking to a cum fetishist then here are a few different things you can do to give her everything she wants.

Eat the right foods

The very first thing you have to worry about is your cum itself. If you’re going out and drinking and smoking and eating nothing but fast food then you’re going to have gross cum. It’s just the way that it is. Cum is made up of what you eat and if you eat shit, your cum is going to be shit. Take a few weeks and spend it eating the right foods. Get plenty of greens and drink lots of water. You’ll have semen that tastes and smells better and will be much more fun for her to play with.

Stop jerking off

This is where you’re normally told to make sure you jerk off right before you have sex. You don’t want to do that here. Sex with a cum fetishist isn’t about how long you can last. Sure, you could make sure that you’re able to have sex long enough to make sure she has an orgasm, but it’s not going to be all that satisfying for her. It’s her fetish that she needs have satisfied and that only requires your cum. If you stop yourself from stroking it for a good week before you hook up then you’ll have a ball sack that’s filled to the brim with sperm. The faster you can get it out, the more time she’s going to have to play with it.

Always pull out

Finally, you want to hold back and giving this girl a creampie. Some cum fetishists will want one, but most will want something different. They want you to pull out and act like your cock is a fire hose and they’re on fire. These fetishists love it all over the place and most are going to want at least some of your load on their faces. If you’re having sex in the missionary position, just lean back when it’s time and angle your dick. You’ll be able to shoot your cum clear across their bodies. They’ll be left with massive trails of it all over their stomachs and tits. Then they’ll even be treated to big gobs of it all over their faces. It’s pretty much the best case scenario for them. The best part about all of this is that you’re going to be able to go again is about ten minutes. You haven’t jerked off in a week, after all. You’ll be all back up and able to give them at least three loads before you start to get tired. That’s how you take care of a cum fetishist.

Hookup Tips

How to Hook up with a Breeding Fetishist

One of the most common types of women that you’re going to run into while you’re hooking up is the breeding fetishist. This is a woman who fantasizes about being used as breeding stock by a man. What turns her on is the idea that the guy is only having sex with her in order to get her pregnant. It plays into their maternal instincts and they just can’t orgasm without the threat of pregnancy. It’s this fetish that pushes these women into hooking up. It’s a woman’s biological necessity to get as much semen as possible and when you add a breeding fetish, you’re going to have a girl that’s ready to take it whenever she can.

Get her papers

You’re going to have to talk to the breeding fetishist ahead of time to make sure that it’s completely safe. It doesn’t take much brain power to realize that the fetish revolves around unprotected sex. That means you have to make sure she’s totally clean. Talk to her about it and make sure she gets a full STD and STV work up by her doctor before you meet up. She should have the papers in her hand and it should all read negative before you dive into her hole.

Talk about contraception

The second most important thing to find out is whether or not she’s on birth control. Once again, the best way is to simply ask her about it. If she is, and she can prove it, then you don’t have to worry about turning your dick into a fire hose inside her. If she’s not, you’ll have to satisfy her fetish in other ways because you have to pull out the end. Use your words and act like you’re only interested in using her as a vessel. The just yank yourself out at the last second and leave that baby batter on her chest, instead of in her ovaries.

Hookup Tips

How to Hook up in the Shower

If there’s one place that seems great to have sex in, it’s the shower. Lots of movie sex scenes take place in them and they just seem ideal. You have the hot water running down your body. The steam makes it all warm and nice, plus you’re completely naked and touching yourself. If you can manage to walk in on a horny hook up when she’s taking a shower then you’re guaranteed to get laid in one. The problem is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of different things working against you when it comes to shower sex.

The steam is a problem

The first issue is the steam itself. If you’re banging away on someone then you’re going to have to be breathing heavy. When you breathe heavy in a room that’s filled with steam, you’re going to immediately get lightheaded. Get lightheaded enough and you might just pass out and crack your skull open. If you want to stand the best chance then you want to keep the shower curtain open. If you can keep the bathroom door open, too then it’s even better. You’ll have the cool air to keep you straight.

Don’t use the showerhead

There are few things that are more fun that using a showerhead to make a girl cum. There’s a reason that they always take so long in the bath. The showerhead is the perfect instrument for working their clits and making them cum harder than anything else ever could. There’s a problem with them, though. All of that water is going to dry out her pussy faster than that time her dad accidentally sent her a dick pic. If you want to have sex then you have to give up on your idea of fucking her with water. Save that for a day when you’re not going to try and get inside her.

Bend her over

The shower is a tight place and it can be tough to get into a good position. Most people just try for standing sex. If you can get her legs around you then you have free access to her pussy. It’s extremely dangerous, though. One wrong move and you’re going to slip and you’re both going to fall. There are just too many things that can sever your spinal cord on the way down in a shower. Play it safe by bending her over and fucking her from behind. If you really want a night to remember, lube up her asshole with soap and pound her backdoor open before she even realizes what you’re doing.

Cum in her face

The best thing that the shower really has to offer you is the chance to do the dirty stuff in a place where you can get clean right away. If your hook up has a problem with you shooting your load all over her face then this is the best place for you do it. You can even let her kneel under the water so it washes away as soon as it hits her. It’s a great way to ease her into the idea of facials. When she realizes that they’re not really a big deal, you can give them outside of the shower whenever you want.

Hookup Tips

How to Make Sure she Cums

If you really want to walk away from a hook up with a smile on your face then you have to make the girl cum. It strokes your ego and lets you know that you gave a show that she was able to really enjoy. The problem is that it’s not always that easy. It’s next to impossible to just give a stranger an orgasm. You never know what they like and you certainly never know how hard they like it. That’s why you have to go about it in a total different way when you don’t know her.

Talk about kink

The first thing you should try doing is simply talking about kink before you have sex. This is going to give you a great idea of what she’s into. It doesn’t need to be an in depth conversation. Just bring up something that you’ve seen and see what her reaction happens to be. If you find out that you’re with a kinky girl then her orgasm is going to require you to go hard and give her plenty of additional action. That means you should consider spanking her or just going full kink.

Let her touch herself

If you don’t want to talk about kink with a stranger then your best bet is going to be simply letting her fuck herself. She may be reluctant, but if you tell her that it turns you on she might be willing to do it. When she starts, make sure you watch everything that she’s doing. Pay attentions to the way she does it and how hard or fast she goes. That’s what you’re going to have to do to her if you want to make her cum. If you can manage it, you’ll have a fuck friend that you can call up whenever you want to share an orgasm.

Hookup Tips

How to Satisfy an Older Hook Up

There’s never going to be a more satisfying hook up than the one that you have with an older woman. An older woman knows what she’s doing and she has the experience the make sure that she’s the best you’ll ever have. They’re so good; in fact, that you might start wondering what you can do to make them as happy as they’re making you. The thing is that they’re probably not going to be satisfied by the things that you’re thinking of. If you’re thinking that you just have to eat them out and make them cum as many times as possible, then you’re not satisfying them. They can get that anywhere. They’re fucking a much younger guy because they want something specific that no one else can offer them.

Use your dick

The very first thing that you have to realize is that an older women is always lacking a stiff and throbbing cock that can give her what she needs. The guys her age just don’t have it in them anymore. They can’t get as hard as they used to and they can’t do it for as long as they want. That’s why an older woman is going to look for a younger guy in the first place. She needs someone with a cock that can still get rock hard for her. Once she finds it, she wants it to jackhammer her old pussy for as long as she can possibly stand. Don’t worry about her not being able to cum from sex. Older women know their bodies and they know how to make them cum. All you have to do is pound their desperate holes for all that you’re worth to make them happy.

Let her satisfy you

When you’re not fucking them with your young cock, the older women just wants to satisfy you. The best thing that you can possibly do is to let her. She needs to make sure that she’s the best you’ve ever had. She’s the older woman and she has the experience. She wants to take care of your entire body and you have to let her do it. She’s going to give you the best blowjob that you’ve ever had and you should always tell her that. Let her use whatever she wants to make you shoot out the biggest loads of your entire life. Then just go to sleep with a smile on your face so she can relax in the knowledge that she gave you the very best.